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AdGuard vs Wipr

Wipr vs AdGuard: Let’s Compare Them

February 26, 2024


Overview of Wipr and AdGuard

If you're looking for the best ad-blocking extensions, we are sure that two names stand out: Wipr vs AdGuard. Both ad-blocking solutions promise an uninterrupted, faster browsing experience, but what are their key differences? Let's discover the features, performance, and usability of Wipr vs AdGuard to say goodbye to annoying online advertising. 

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Importance of Choosing the Right Adblocker

Choosing the right ad blocker directly impacts your browsing experience's quality and online safety. This is why you should take into account these criteria:

  • Uninterrupted browsing: Choosing the right ad blocker will guarantee a faster browsing speed without intrusive advertising and allow you to decide what content you want to see. Even if adblockers may also impact ad revenue, they will provide further online protection.
  • Protection against threats: It is about removing annoying ads, malvertising, and elements that track you online and affect your online security.
  • User control: The ideal ad blocker should provide customization options that allow you to adjust its settings according to your preferences.

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Key Features Compared

Wipr: Main Features and Benefits

An ad blocker designed for web browsers exclusively for macOS and iOS devices is Wipr. Wipr's app is available in Apple's App Store and Mac App Store. Wipr is an ad-blocking solution that focuses on simplicity and effectiveness. Typical features of Wipr include:

  • Efficient Ad-blocking: Wipr is designed to effectively block advertisers on web pages, as well as EU and GDPR cookie and GDPR notices through content blocking extensions, thus improving loading speed, but only on iPhone and iPad. No "acceptable ads."
  • No malware or trackers: Besides blocking ads in Safari, Wipr also focuses on blocking trackers, cryptocurrency miners, and third-party cookies, contributing to more excellent privacy protection features. 
  • Simple interface: Wipr stands out for its simple and uncomplicated interface. Although it doesn't offer many more features, you can improve your browsing experience in Safari.
  • Frequent weekly updates: Wipr's block list is updated twice weekly to provide protection and a better user experience on the ever-changing Internet.
  • Enhanced universal blocklist: Wipr uses blocklists in Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, An, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.
  • Easy download: Wipr downloads and installs in seconds; no complex configuration is required.

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AdGuard: Main Features and Benefits

AdGuard is the best content blocker and DNS adclear solution that offers standalone applications for all primary desktop and mobile platforms. Among its features, we find:

  • Ad blocking: AdGuard applies ad-blocking and language-specific filters, which contain filtering rules to block popular ads in a specific language.
  • Anti-tracking protection: Online tracking protection prevents websites from collecting your information. It also detects and blocks cookies to prevent them from saving your settings.
  • Blocking annoying and malicious websites: AdGuard blocks popups, online assistants, cookies, mobile application download requests, malware, and phishing, among others.
  • DNS protection: This feature allows you to filter DNS requests with the help of selected DNS servers and filters and set your own rules.
  • Firewall: This AdGuard feature helps manage Internet access for specific applications installed on your device.
  • AdGuard VPN integration: AdGuard provides a local VPN to filter traffic. 
  • Compatibility: You can use AdGuard on any Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS-operated device.

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Detailed Review: AdGuard vs Wipr 

User Interface and Ease of Use

  • Wipr: Wipr is an inexpensive tool that allows you to block ads on Safari to browse without all the clutter. Wipr is a lightweight ad blocker that doesn't log your data or weigh your device down. Still, it's limited to iOS, macOS, and Safari.
  • AdGuard: The Adguard ad blocker has a slick design. However, it can be complex due to all the features it offers for advanced users. Also, you may find different AdGuard products online, such as their VPN, the AdGuard app, and the AdGuard Pro, which may need to be clarified.

Efficiency in Blocking Ads

  • Wipr: Wipr blocks YouTube ads in Safari, and it offers some protection against web tracking. Wipr is limited to iOS and macOS, as well as Safari. 
  • AdGuard: The AdGuard browser extension effectively blocks pop-ups and annoying ads even on YouTube, as well as trackers on Google Chrome and Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Yandex, and video platforms like YouTube. Because of its DNS features, AdGuard will block all ads running in the background.

Privacy and Security Features

  • Wipr: Wipr protects user privacy from various trackers and does not log user activity, according to most internet reviews. This ad blocker prevents ad trackers and cryptocurrency miners from cookie alerts only on iOS and macOS. 
  • AdGuard: AdGuard protects its users from web activity trackers and analyzers, as well as malware and phishing threats. Because its security features work through DNS filtering, it provides excellent blocking and filtering capabilities. However, it could take up a lot of system space and does not allow "acceptable ads."

Performance Analysis

Speed and Resource Consumption

  • Wipr: Wipr is a lightweight ad blocker that doesn't overload your device. It improves page loading but is limited to iOS, MacOS, and Safari.
  • AdGuard: AdGuard turns off ads before they load in the browser due to its DNS filters. This reduces traffic and speeds up page loading by working differently than regular ad blockers.

Effectiveness in Different Browsers

  • Wipr: Wipr is designed exclusively for iOS and macOS devices, and the original product can only be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Mac App Store. Wipr is effective on iPhone, iPad, and iPod with iOS 12.0 or later and macOS 10.13 or later.
  • AdGuard: You can use it on any device running Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS. This content-blocking solution is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex, Microsoft Edge, Safari, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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User Experience

Real User Testimonials: Wipr

Wipr is an affordable ad-blocking tool that removes ads in Safari and allows users to browse without interruptions. It's lightweight and doesn't log your data or overload your device. However, Wipr is limited to iOS, macOS, and Safari. There were reports that Wipr may have problems blocking all types of ads, for example, on platforms like YouTube. Sometimes, technical issues may affect the functionality of the sites you visit, but this may also depend on many factors, such as whether the user is using the latest update on their browser and operating system.

Real User Testimonials: AdGuard

Although AdGuard is positioned as one of the best solutions for blocking ads and protecting user privacy, its ad-blocking statistics could be challenging to interpret, and the number of products it offers could be confusing for new users. Also, it was reported that if you use multiple browsers, you must install the AdGuard extension in each. In addition, their customer service could be more responsive at times.

Pricing and Plans

Wipr: Pricing Overview

Wipr is a low-cost ad-blocking solution with a $1.99 one-time fee. With Wipr, you won't have to pay annual or monthly payments. Also, it is essential to mention that there are no upgrade options to purchase.

AdGuard: Pricing Overview

To download the AdGuard solution, you must pay a $2.49 monthly subscription. However, it offers a 14-day trial version that allows users to observe how the software works without the premium features. AdGuard also offers annual, family, and lifetime personal plans. 

  • The Annual Personal plan for three devices has a monthly cost of $2.49.
  • The Lifetime Personal plan for three devices has a one-time fee of $79.99.
  • The Annual Family plan for nine devices has a monthly fee of $5.49

AdGuard vs Wipr

Comparing Alternatives: Stands Adblocker

Why Choose Stands Adblocker?

Stands AdBlocker is an effective ad-blocking solution compatible with the most popular browsers. You can download it for 100% free. Stands has an easy-to-use interface for all users new to ad blocking and features maximum protection. Would you like to know which ads you can block with Stands? Stands removes all annoying ads, malware, and tracking, preventing phishing attacks and protecting your children's safety while maintaining full site functionality. Plus, you can enjoy all social media platforms ad-free.

Plus, Stands also makes it easy to review blocking statistics and whitelist your favorite sites so you can choose only the ads you see that are preferred. It's compatible with all versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Brave and blocks all Android ads.

Advantages of Stands Adblocker Over Wipr and AdGuard

  • No more annoying interruptions: Stands Adblocker will help eliminate all intrusive ads, pop-ups, autoplay video ads (Stands block YouTube ads), and banners. With Stands, you can also personalize your ad-blocking preferences by whitelisting your favorite websites and ads and turning off all undesired elements.
  • Free and easy to Install: Stands are easy to download and install. You can verify its ad-blocking statistics by clicking on the Stands logo in your favorite browser without any complexity. Plus, the Stands ad-blocking solution is available for free, and you don't need any paid subscription. 
  • High-Speed Viewing Experience: Stands speeds up browsing and optimizes web page loading and mobile data use by saving battery on your devices. Surf the web without interruptions.
  • Privacy Protection while web surfing: Safeguard your privacy by preventing data tracking and upgrading your online experience. Your personal information is safe with Stands since it will remain confidential.
  • Protection against all malware: Stands remove ads and trackers and block malicious threads, such as malware and phishing, which could compromise the security of your devices and your online identity. Your children will be protected online with Stands, as you can block adult content through its parental controls.

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Final Verdict: Wipr vs AdGuard

Summary of Findings

In summary, choosing between Wipr and AdGuard as ad-blocking solutions depends on your specific needs and preferences. On the one hand, Wipr, designed exclusively for iOS and macOS devices, offers effective built-in ad blocking, privacy protection, and a simple interface still able to block ads. However, compatibility is limited. On the other hand, AdGuard is a super versatile solution that is compatible with various platforms and browsers. It offers extensive features like ad and tracker blocking, DNS protection, and VPNs integration. Although AdGuard stands out for its flexibility and security, it provides a more complex interface for novice users. 

In terms of user experience, Wipr is praised for being lightweight and affordable. Still, AdGuard's diverse product offering could offer you many more options and online security features, and it is one of the best-ranked ad blockers of 2023.

For those seeking a free and effective alternative, Stands Adlock is an excellent ad-blocking solution with an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive protection in the most popular browsers. Discover the best ad blockers with Stands! It is essential to check your device compatibility, desired features, and budget considerations before downloading any online blocking solution. And, if you want to support Stands, you can donate to the software's development.

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Wipr vs AdGuard: Conclusion

Future of Adblocking Technology

Ad blocking technology constantly evolves as more sophistication is required to manage digital advertising and online risks such as malware and unwanted tracking. With the growing awareness of online privacy and the terms of use of popular platforms, ad blockers are expected to continue to preserve the user experience and prioritize their online experience.

Closing Thoughts on Wipr vs AdGuard

Evaluating the ad blocking, protection, and performance features of Wipr and AdGuard, both tools have their strengths and weaknesses, and your choice will depend entirely on your needs. On the one hand, Wipr stands out for its straightforward approach, even if there's little configuration, which is ideal if you are looking for an uncomplicated solution for iOS. On the other hand, AdGuard offers a wide variety of VPN and DNS ad-blocking features and products, including advanced customization options.

While both options offer benefits in improving the browsing experience and online privacy, we recommend choosing the ad-blocking solution that best aligns with your needs — Discover Stands Adblocker, the ultimate solution that has your back.