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AdGuard vs. AdBlock in 2023

November 06, 2023

It is challenging to find something of high quality among the vast number of software that protects against annoying ads on websites. However, there are a few tools that stand out from other similar products. AdGuard vs. AdBlock is one of the hottest debates in 2023. But which one to choose?

Today, we will analyze these tools in detail so you will surely be able to decide which of these two best ad blockers is the most effective. Trust us, getting rid of all those intrusive advertising messages is much easier than you think.

And by the way, the choice is not limited to only two applications because you can try the reliable and free Ad Blocker right now.

AdBlock and Its Features

This is a popular browser extension or plug-in that allows users to prevent online advertisements and surf the web without interruption. It was created to improve the overall online browsing experience by eliminating the clutter and distractions caused by various advertisements. Here are some of AdBlock's main features and functionalities:

  • Whitelisting. It allows users to whitelist specific websites. This means you can choose to disable ad-blocking on certain sites that you want to support or that you trust not to display intrusive or annoying ads.
  • Custom Filter. Users can create and customize their filters to block specific types of ads or elements on web pages. This level of customization enables users to tailor their ad-blocking experience to their preferences.
  • Malware and Tracking Protection. AdBlock often includes features to block or warn users about potentially harmful websites, malware, or any tracker. This can enhance online security and privacy.
  • Element Hiding. It can selectively hide specific page elements, such as social media buttons, comment sections, or other content that you find distracting or irrelevant.
  • Performance Improvement. By blocking resource-intensive ads and scripts, this tool can help speed up webpage loading times and reduce the amount of data consumed while browsing.

AdBlock is frequently updated to stay ahead of new advertising techniques and technologies. These updates ensure that the extension continues to block ads effectively. In addition, it's available as an extension for most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and more.

AdBlock Plus and Its Special Features

Now it's time to discuss AdBlock Pro vs. AdGuard. In fact, the paid version of the tool is most often cited as one of the best examples of ad blockers. But why is that? Let's look at it a little more closely.

So, you may find that the free version is enough to make your web surfing better. It stops YouTube ads, video ads that follow you, display ads, and banner ads. The paid version can also remove those irritating videos that suddenly appear while you're scrolling. It not only makes your web experience more enjoyable but also protects you from ads or pop-ups that may contain malicious content.

Adblock Plus also lets you browse the web without trackers keeping tabs on what you do, so you can be more private online. When you activate the feature of blocking additional distractions in the paid version, you can:

  • Stop videos that hover on your screen. These are ads on many websites that keep moving as you browse.
  • Get rid of pop-ups asking you to join newsletters. Now, we are talking about annoying boxes websites use to convince you to sign up for their emails.
  • Say no to site notifications and survey requests. Many websites want to track your location or have you answer quick surveys. With this feature, those requests from websites you visit will be automatically turned down.

So, what is the verdict in the AdBlock Pro vs. AdGuard discussion? Of course, the basic ad-blocking features remain free in the paid version. Adblock Plus Premium is simply a way to provide additional functions for those who want to get more out of the extension. Whether they work better than AdGuard adblocker, we will understand in the following points when we make a more detailed comparison.

Functionality Comparison: AdBlock vs. AdGuard

We have already analyzed all the features of the paid and free versions of AdBlock in detail. It is primarily focused on blocking a wide range of ads, including banners, pop-ups, and video ads, and is known for its effectiveness in ad blocking. Now let's highlight a few distinctive features of AdGuard vs. AdBlock Plus:

  • AdGuard includes features to block malware, malicious websites, and phishing attempts, enhancing online security.
  • It offers privacy features to block tracking scripts and protect user data from online tracking.
  • AdGuard includes parental control features that allow users to block access to inappropriate or harmful content for children.
  • Using AdGuard, you can create and customize special filters to block specific ads or page elements.
  • It is available not only as a browser extension but also as a standalone application for various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.
  • AdGuard offers a DNS filtering feature that can block ads at the network level, affecting all devices connected to a network with AdGuard configured.

As a result, AdGuard offers additional features such as malware protection, tracking prevention, parental control, and DNS filtering, making it a more comprehensive solution for not only ad-blocking but also enhancing online security and privacy. You can also run AdGuard for ad-blocking and another VPN service simultaneously.

User-Friendliness: AdGuard Adblock vs. AdBlock

In terms of usability, both AdGuard and AdBlock have their strengths. AdGuard offers a more comprehensive set of features and customization options, which can be beneficial for power users who want fine-grained control over their ad-blocking and privacy settings.

AdGuard also provides a user-friendly interface that is generally easy to use. It offers a dashboard where users can access various settings, including ad-blocking, privacy features, and more. The interface is well-organized and intuitive. At the same time, the high level of customization may be appreciated by power users but could be overwhelming for some. Users can install AdGuard as a browser extension or as a standalone application on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

On the other hand, AdBlock is known for its simplicity and ease of use, making it a good choice for users who prefer a straightforward ad-blocking solution without an overwhelming number of settings. It is easy to install as an extension, and it's available for popular web browsers. The installation process is typically quick and straightforward. 

But what about those who can't take a side in the AdBlock Plus vs. AdGuard debate? In general, the choice between the two will depend on your comfort level with customization and your specific needs.

Performance and Product Effectiveness: AdGuard vs. AdBlock Pro

First of all, you can use AdBlock only inside your web browser. It can't block ads from other places like Adguard can. Advertisers often use applications, especially free ones, to send advertisements to people. For those who want to block absolutely all ads on their device, the winner in the battle of AdGuard vs. AdBlock Plus Chrome will be obvious. Unless, of course, you're only going to use browser extensions. Nevertheless, AdGuard can help block ads from applications that AdBlock can't.

And there is one more thing. AdGuard can stop ads from appearing in apps like Skype, uTorrent, and more. This is really useful, especially on mobile devices, because there are often a lot of ads in smartphone and tablet apps. 

But what about AdGuard vs. AdBlock Android? Both of these apps can work on a smartphone as well. For example, you can stop annoying and harmful ads using AdBlock, a free Android web browser with ad-blocking features. You can also use another great option — Stands Android Adblocker Browser. It allows you to block many types of advertisements: irritating banners, Facebook ads, webmail adverts, and more.

AdGuard vs. AdBlock vs. Stands Adblocker

AdGuard and AdBlock have long been recognized as popular and effective ad-blocking solutions. But in 2023, Stands Adblocker emerged as another great tool in the ad-blocking ecosystem:

  • Stands Adblocker blocks annoying ads, pop-ups, and malware for a safer web browsing experience.
  • It promises to prevent companies from profiling and selling your data without your consent.
  • Stands Adblocker offers protection against malware, adware, and trackers.
  • The tool saves traffic and speeds up page loading by blocking resource-intensive content.
  • Stands Adblocker aims to maintain site functionality and appearance while blocking ads.
  • It provides parental control features to protect children from inappropriate content.

So, in our argument about AdBlock Plus vs. AdGuard, there is a third player in the game. Stands Adblocker's growing popularity suggests that it may offer a compelling alternative for users seeking an effective ad-blocking solution in the evolving landscape of online advertising and privacy.


Many people don't realize that every digital advertiser has gotten really good at tracking what people do online and the sites they visit. They use this information to show advertisements that match the things users like. However, constant pop-up ads are incredibly annoying and can even be a source of malware. 

Today, AdGuard and AdBlock are incredibly good at blocking these adverts and can even be used as Google Chrome extensions. These tools block ads, but in 2023, AdGuard also offers better protection and additional features to help keep your online activities private. And if you need to block ads in Google Chrome, then a great option is Stands Adblocker, which you can get for free.

FAQ about AdGuard vs. AdBlock

Is There a Superior Alternative to AdBlock?

For a better ad-blocking experience, consider trying browser extensions like AdGuard or Stands Adblocker. They're great alternatives to AdBlock, improving web browsing by preventing annoying ads and enhancing your online safety.

What Sets AdGuard Apart from AdGuard Content Blocker?

AdGuard is a comprehensive ad-blocker that works across browsers and apps, providing advanced ad and privacy protection. AdGuard Content Blocker, on the other hand, is a browser-specific extension designed for mobile devices, offering a streamlined ad-blocking experience within mobile browsers.

Is AdGuard Headquartered in Russia?

AdGuard was established in 2009 in Moscow. However, to comply with EU requirements, the firm later transferred its headquarters to Cyprus.

What Alternatives Surpass AdGuard?

If you're looking for a browser extension as a great alternative to AdGuard, Stands Adblocker is really the best choice. This tool can help you enjoy a cleaner and more ad-free web browsing experience, making it a worthwhile option for ad-blocking and online privacy.