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Our Story

“In our increasingly unequal world, the Web has the potential to be a great equalizer, but only if we hardwire the rights to privacy, freedom of expression, affordable access and net neutrality into the rules of the game”.

— Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web
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We’re three good friends with a desire to make the web experience better for everyone.

We spent the last 15 years as parts of pioneering internet companies, including mobile, cyber security and advertising technology companies. We have participated in efforts of the online advertising industry to create self regulatory guidelines in the fields of Privacy, Online Fraud and Data Ownership.

Our experience led us to believe that users have to be able to control their web browsing and remove annoyances and disruptive advertising, but they have to do that without hurting the websites that rely on advertising and are whiling to respect them.

We want to build a community of people who feel the same way, and we hope to inspire users to join us as we build Stands into a platform that gives all of us the power to enjoy a free, respectful, and fair web.

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