Where did my micro donations go?

We had to make a change in how micro donations work – please read about it here: https://standsapp.org/blog/to-keep-the-web-free-were-changing-how-fair-ads-work/

What information does Stands keep about me?

The only information we store about you is the cause you support and the number of times you have donated through the ads that you have seen.

This information is necessary to give you feedback in regard to the donations & impact your browsing created.

No specific data is recorded about your browsing patterns or the details of the sites you visit.

To learn more please see our Privacy page.


Is there a mobile app?

Not at this time. We are planning to release one in the future.

I'm not using Chrome - can I still use Stands?

Not at this time. We are working hard to support other browsers and we’ll let you know as those are released.

How does Stands work on Youtube, Gmail, Facebook or Search Engines?

You can continue to enjoy videos on Youtube, emails on Gmails, and hilarious Facebook posts on your timeline, and other services like you normally would; however Stands will not generally allow ads that on these sites yet.

Will it slow down my browsing experience?

No. You would actually experience faster browsing.

Stands prioritizes content over ads and only allows ads after the content has finished loading.

Will I see more ads?

No. You would probably see less.

We limit the number of ads on every page, and only on pages that had ads originally. Stands also blocks annoying ad formats like pop ups in order to ensure smooth and welcoming browsing experience.


How do I stop using Stands \ uninstall it \ remove it from my Browser?

As any other extension, you can remove it by choosing Setting -> Extension from the chrome menu, there you can select to disable or remove completely.

You can also remove it by right-clicking the extension icon and choosing “Remove from Chrome”

I already have an Ad Blocker, what should I do?

You can install Stands but it will not be able to allow Fair Ads on supported websites.

Stands is different than regular ad blockers and privacy tools since it both keeps your privacy and doesn’t block all ads, at the same time.

If you already have an ad blocker or privacy tool installed, we recommend you give Stands a try and disable the ad blocker for while.

Among the tools you should disable to give Stands a try: Ad Block, Ad Block Plus, Ad Block Edge, uBlock, Disconnect, Ghostery (only if used for blocking), Privacy Badger.

I am still seeing ads - is something wrong?

Stands should block all annoying ads, like popups and ads that take over the entire page, so you should not see those.

If you do – please let us know by reporting an issue from the app (there is a button at the bottom right corner), or via the feedback pane on the ad which can be accessed by clicking the STANDS label on the lower left corner of any ad delivered by Stands.

Stands does allow for unintrusive ads to show on some website, as long as the website is part of our Fair Ads program and respects your ads choices.

If you feel those ads are annoying – please let us know.

I'm using a VPN, is that a problem?

No. There shouldn’t be any problem using stands with VPN.

It seems like on some sites I see ads and on others I don't. Why is that?

You are right. In order to ensure smooth browsing experience we do limit ads to specific sites. If you encounter a site you like, please share it with us so we can add them to our list.

I’m getting a NETWORK FAILED error message when trying to install Stands

This could happen for 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. A slow network connection.
  2. Some security software, or perhaps the computer is managed by a company (i.e. your employer) which prevents you from installing extensions.
  3. It might be a malware or a virus on your computer (unrelated to Stands, sorry) that prevents you from installing extensions.

If you think it’s not the network connection, and your anti-virus is fine (or you don’t have one), it could quite possibly be option number 3.

In that case, you might want to try and delete Chrome and re-install it. You can also try running the Google Malware Cleanup tool, found here: https://www.google.com/chrome/cleanup-tool/


How can I know Stands really donated the money?

Your trust is important for making Stands happen. To ensure we have it we’re being very transparent and are taking all possible steps so that you don’t just need to trust our word.

  • Check our non-profits page to see an updated status on all generated donations.
  • Our company charter includes a section about our commitment, mandating all directors in the company to donate the committed-upon portion of profits to nonprofits.
  • Our End User License Agreement (found here) includes a section about our commitment to you that we will indeed donate to the cause of your choice from the revenue generated by your browsing.
  • We intend on becoming a certified B-corporation, which includes strict transparency guidelines as well as a 3rd party audit of our impact. We will release reports indicating the sums that were donated and the organizations which received them at least once a year (and hopefully once a quarter).

We will keep you updated you in the app and via email (if you so desire) about your progress at making an impact.

How much of the ad revenue does Stands donate?

Stands will donate at least 50% of the revenue after paying back the site you visit to reward them for creating content you enjoy.

Where does the money for charity come from?

You already see ads on almost every site you visit. Stands works behind the scenes to change the way those ads work.

Advertisers pay Stands to show you ads. Stands re-directs the money they pay to the causes that you chose.

We also make sure the site owners receive payment for the content they create, and a portion of the payment stays with Stands, so we can continue to build the platform.

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