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Opera GX vs Chrome: Is It the Superior Browser?

April 17, 2024

Introduction: Exploring Chrome vs Opera GX

Are you a fan of video games and want to know which browser is more convenient? Opera GX is a browser designed specifically for gaming enthusiasts, making it ideal for those looking for optimal online gaming performance. On the other hand, Google Chrome, one of the world's most popular browsers, offers fast loading speed and a user-friendly interface. While not specifically designed for gaming, it is still a solid choice for an efficient browsing experience. Who will win the battle? Opera GX vs Chrome!

Find out which one of these two browsers is your ideal choice with our browser comparison!

What is Opera GX? – Defining the Gamer's Browser

Opera GX is a web browser developed by Opera Software that is focused on improving the browsing experience for users who love video games. One of the most relevant features of this dynamic version of the Opera browser is the extensive management of system resources, such as CPU (Central Processing Unit), RAM (Random Access Memory), and bandwidth, making Opera GX an ideal gaming browser with optimal performance.

In addition to being known for being fast and efficient, Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers used by approximately 63% of Internet users worldwide. Launched in 2008, Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. It is based on the open-source Chromium project and has additional browsing functionalities, such as fast-loading web page speed and an intuitive user interface. 

In-Depth Feature Comparison: Opera GX vs Chrome

Enhancing Gaming Experience - Opera GX Exclusive Features

Opera GX is characterized by offering features and aesthetics dedicated to gamers. With customizable layouts, lighting and sound effects, and background animations, you can immerse yourself in a virtual experience by setting your gaming universe with Opera GX.

Apart from a customizable interface, the Opera GX browser offers game-related add-ons, such as the latest gaming news, reviews, new game releases, and tools for optimizing gaming performance.

Opera GX is designed with GX Control, which allows one to manage RAM and CPU without compromising game functionalities, even during multitasking sessions or resource-intensive applications. Allocating resources efficiently also benefits gamers who rely on consistent network performance and high bandwidth consumption.

On the other hand, Chrome is known for its browsing speed and performance, thanks to its JavaScript V8 engine and multiprocess architecture. Other outstanding features of Chrome include browsing history, bookmarks, Google account passwords, tab synchronization across multiple devices, a vast extension ecosystem, and seamless integration with other Google products. In addition, the browser is also known for its built-in protection features against online threats. 

Although Google Chrome isn't explicitly tailored as a gaming browser, its recent versions support various web-based games, such as HTML5 and WebGL-based 3D games. It also offers game-specific extensions such as dLcompare, Instant Gaming browser companion, Panic button, and Formplus.

opera gx vs chrome

Design and User Interface: Opera GX vs Chrome

Opera GX's Gaming-Inspired Interface

Features in Opera GX offer various customization options for gamer-inspired design. You can adapt the browser's visual and audio experience to immerse yourself in your gaming universe. Opera GX provides multiple wallpapers and themes inspired by video games to customize the color design, address bar, RGB lighting effects, background animations, and sound effects to add a touch of dynamism to your browsing experience. Ready to match your gaming setup? Use Opera!

Google Chrome's Streamlined Design Approach

Google Chrome is a fast, user-friendly web browser providing a minimalist interface and easy-to-use tab management features. Chrome lets you customize its interface and functions, including keyboard shortcuts, tab grouping, and accessibility settings. With Chrome, you can change the theme, adjust browser settings, dark mode, and even install extensions from the Chrome Web Store to add new features to increase productivity and task organization.

Performance Battle: Opera GX vs Chrome

Speed and Efficiency: Chrome's Performance

Opera GX and Chrome's performance cannot be compared since both browsers are intended for different users. Whether you want a simple and accessible interface or the maximum resource allocation, both Google Chrome and Opera GX have strengths.

Opera GX is a web browser specifically designed for gamers. It focuses on offering maximum performance and customization options. One of its key features is its ability to manage system resources effectively, ensuring that the browser doesn't use too much of the system's RAM or CPU power. This is particularly attractive for gamers with multiple applications running in the background.

On the other hand, the Chrome browser can consume too many resources. Many extensions and apps built into Chrome can lead to an inefficient browser's performance. Chrome aims to tackle these issues by implementing various strategies, such as tab freezing and better management of background tasks, to help reduce CPU and RAM usage. 

Resource Management: How Opera GX Stands Out

Since it is a browser designed for gaming, Opera GX allows users to monitor and regulate CPU, RAM, and network bandwidth usage in real time, set limits on resource consumption, and provide detailed statistics to optimize the browsing experience. The browser integrates seamlessly with gaming platforms and services like Twitch, Discord, and Steam.

chrome vs opera gx

Security and Privacy: Which Browser Protects You Better?

Google Chrome's Security Features

Google Chrome has built-in security features to enhance users' online privacy. For example, Chrome's Safe Browsing mode sends warnings to protect users against malware, phishing, and malicious and intrusive ads. Additionally, it allows Chrome users to adjust specific privacy settings to block third-party cookies and delete browsing data when closing the browser. 

Also, Chrome provides the Safe Browsing API, a set of programming interfaces (APIs) developed by Google that allows developers to integrate safe browsing functionality into their applications or services. Want extra protection while browsing Chrome? Discover the best Free Chrome AdBlocker!

Opera GX's Privacy and Security Measures

Compared to Google Chrome, Opera GX offers a wide range of security and privacy features, such as an integrated Ad Blocker for Opera and a free VPN service. Opera GX also features anti-tracking protection, protection against fraudulent websites and malware, and a private browsing mode. These features provide users with tools and functions to protect their online privacy.

Stands Adblocker: The Game Changer in Ad Blocking

Why Choose Stands Adblocker?

Both Opera GX and Chrome have built-in privacy and ad-blocking features. However, we recommend integrating an ad-blocking extension such as Stands AdBlocker if you want more protection and privacy. Make your browsing experience smoother and distraction-free, along with all these benefits: 

  • No-cost ad-blocking solution: Stands is a free ad-blocking solution that allows you to access all its protection and privacy features without paying a subscription. Stands is the best to Block Ads on YouTube!
  • High compatibility with Opera GX and Chrome: Stands integrates easily with all popular browsers, such as Chrome, Opera GX, Edge, Firefox, Vivaldi, Brave, and Safari. You can also browse securely and block ads on Android with Stands Browser.
  • 100% customizable protection: With Stands, you can decide what content to view and what not to view. Through its easy-to-use user interface, you can determine which ads to block, say goodbye to trackers and cookies, whitelist your favorite sites, and access blocking statistics easily. 

Advantages of Stands Adblocker in Opera GX

Stands Adblocker offers an extra layer of protection when using Opera GX, prioritizing both the privacy and functionality of the browser and the sites you visit. Opera GX is a web browser offering several built-in features to enhance your browsing experience. However, with Stands, you will block all ads, trackers, and phishing and reduce page load times and mobile data. 

Also, by adding an extension like Stands, you won't have to worry about affecting game functionality. You will get all these advantages while preserving website operability. Using Stands Free Adblock, users can enjoy a Chrome and GX cleaner and more optimized browsing experience while protecting their privacy and security online.

Gaming and Multimedia: Opera GX vs Chrome

Opera GX's Gaming-Centric Features

The Opera GX browser is designed for gamers to enhance their experience without compromising system performance. Opera GX's browser interface seeks to provide a distinct and immersive virtual experience in video games. Therefore, the browser offers a unique sound experience and a dynamic electronic score that adapts to the user's activity. Opera GX beats Chrome on gaming-centric features.

Chrome's Multimedia Capabilities

Chrome also has interesting multimedia features that enhance the browsing experience. It fully supports HTML5, has an integrated video player, supports audio playback, and offers Picture-in-Picture mode. Using Chrome, users can stream multimedia content from their browser to compatible devices and enjoy their content on larger screens.

In addition, the browser offers multimedia controls for direct access to playback options and supports WebRTC technology, which enables real-time communication over the Internet without using plugins or external software.

opera gx vs google chrome

Extension Support and Cross-Platform Compatibility

Extension Ecosystem: Opera GX vs Chrome

Opera GX:

Opera GX offers users a variety of extensions, including ad blockers, productivity tools, gaming-related extensions, and security and privacy tools. While the availability of extensions may not be as extensive as in Google Chrome, there are still plenty of options for Opera GX users to customize their browsing experience. Users can easily explore the Opera add-ons website to find and download the extensions that suit their needs.


Google Chrome offers a wide range of extensions that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. These extensions serve various purposes, such as improving productivity, enhancing browsing security, and personalizing your browser. Popular types of Chrome extensions include ad-blockers, productivity tools, password managers, security and privacy tools, social media tools, and developer tools. You can explore the Chrome Web Store if you want more extensions catering to your needs.

Multi-Platform Support: A Comparative Analysis


Chrome is compatible with various devices and operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can add extensions to Chrome from the Chrome Web Store, which will automatically update and work with different versions of Chrome.

On Android, Chrome allows you to sync your bookmarks, browsing history, passwords and open tabs on all your devices. This feature makes it easy to access your information from anywhere. Chrome for Android also protects you from malicious websites and helps you save on mobile data usage with its data saver feature.


Opera is available on multiple platforms, providing users a consistent browsing experience across different devices. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux for desktop and Android and iOS for mobile. Opera Mini is designed for low-end devices or slow internet connections, Opera Touch is optimized for one-handed use, and Opera GX offers gaming-centric features.

Conclusion: Is Chrome Better Than Opera GX?

Opera GX's Strengths and Weaknesses

Opera GX is a browser that focuses on gaming and has several strengths and weaknesses. Its standout feature is the GX Control Panel, which monitors and controls resource usage. It integrates seamlessly with gaming platforms like Twitch and Discord and offers customization options. Opera GX has built-in features such as ad blocking, free VPN, and messenger integration. However, it may have limited extension support and syncing limitations.

Google Chrome's Pros and Cons

Google Chrome is a fast and efficient web browser that offers seamless synchronization across multiple devices and integrates well with various Google services like Google Calendar or Gmail. It has a range of customization options and security features. However, Chrome is known for its high resource consumption and data collection practices.

Despite these drawbacks, it remains popular for its speed, customization, and integration capabilities.

Final Verdict: Opera GX vs Google Chrome

In the world of web browsing, the debate over which browser is superior will ultimately be determined by the type of user you are. Opera GX, explicitly designed for gaming enthusiasts, offers efficient resource management and platform integration. On the other hand, Chrome provides excellent browsing speed, seamless synchronization across devices, and robust security features.

Opera GX's strengths lie in its gaming-centric design and resource management tools, while Chrome's benefits include its extensive ecosystem of extensions and cross-platform compatibility.

However, both browsers have their weaknesses. Opera GX has limited extension support, while Chrome consumes many resources and raises privacy concerns. Ultimately, choosing Opera GX and Chrome depends on individual preferences and priorities.

FAQs: Answering Your Top Questions

Do Chrome Extensions Work in Opera GX?

Opera browsers are based on Chromium, an open-source project multiple browsers share. Both browsers support Chrome extensions.

Is Opera GX Safe and Free?

Opera GX prioritizes user safety with features like ad and tracking protection, a built-in VPN, and crypto mining defense. The built-in ad blocking and other features protect against trackers, crypto mining, malvertising, and phishing.

Does Opera GX Offer Better Performance than Chrome?

If you're a gamer, Opera GX may be the better choice. It offers unique features that cater to gaming needs. However, Google Chrome may be better if you need a versatile browser to handle any task efficiently and quickly."

Are there any Mobile Versions of Opera GX Similar to Chrome?

Opera also delivers mobile browsers for iOS and Android, the Opera GX mobile browser for gamers, or the lightweight data-saving Opera Mini browser for Android.