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How to Block Ads on YouTube App

December 11, 2023

Many advertisers use YouTube content as much as possible to post their videos. Thanks to this, Google makes enormous profits by forcing users to watch splash screen ads. Therefore, in this material, we will look at how to block ads on the YouTube app so that advertising banners do not interfere with watching the video.

"Discover how to block ads on YouTube for uninterrupted streaming." Source: Unsplash
"Discover how to block ads on YouTube for uninterrupted streaming." Source: Unsplash

Proven Ad Blocking strategies for the YouTube app

How do you stop ads from the YouTube app? This is a significant question for many users. The fact is that this site is one of the most popular video sites and is practically free. Free views are due to many interjected advertisements, which interfere with the comfort of watching videos on YouTube.

Sometimes, it is unobtrusive and short-lived (just a few seconds). But there are times when there is too much of it and for a long time (up to 20 seconds). Video advertisements before the start of viewing and advertisements in the middle of the video are incredibly annoying. Therefore, for many users, the question arises of blocking YouTube ads.

Previously, thanks to an internal operation, annoying ads on YouTube could be blocked. But now, such a procedure has become unavailable. This is because Google began receiving 25% less profit. After all, users could remove ads from the YouTube app. However, most users are unsatisfied with this option, so they are looking for ways to skip ads in the YouTube application. Next, we will look at existing methods allowing you to watch content without advertising.

As of 2024, there are various ways to block ads, which allow you to avoid being distracted by commercials while watching a video. In this section, we will look at how to stop ads on YouTube mobile.

Using Ad Blockers: A Detailed Guide

To watch content on YouTube without advertising, you need to do the following:

  • Download an ad blocker program (you can use an extension) or a VPN (for example, Cyber Ghost). This is an excellent blocking solution to skip ads on the YouTube app;
  • Activate the ad blocker for YouTube – when using a VPN, you need to make sure that the function is active before connecting to the server;
  • Watch videos on YouTube without advertising!

Now, we’ll explain in more detail why you need a VPN to watch videos without ads. How do you block YouTube commercials, and how does it show ads? Based on queries and views, Google monitors activity using cookies. But VPN allows you to hide actions by changing the IP address. Then, the YouTube algorithms will not be able to understand what kind of advertising you need to watch because there will be no data that relates to your IP address. 

However, not all VPN services can stop ads on the YouTube app since they are not equipped with a blocker, so annoying advertising does not interfere with viewing. But blocking ads on YouTube on Android will be possible by using both a VPN and a third-party application (or extension) simultaneously. Next, we will look at several options for blocking commercials on YouTube.

"Learn everything you need to stop ads on YouTube mobile app." Source: Unsplash
"Learn everything you need to stop ads on YouTube mobile app." Source: Unsplash

1. Using a browser extension

How do I block ads on YouTube? You can block ads on YouTube using a browser extension. An ad blocker can block advertisements and prevent the user from viewing them. But there are sites where their blocker is designed to block the user from viewing the content unless they turn it off. It is worth noting that such extensions do not hide user IP addresses, so advertisers have the opportunity to monitor traffic.

But then, how to get rid of ads on the YouTube app? Using both a VPN service and an extension simultaneously, blocking ads and protecting traffic will be possible thanks to particular encoding. Next, go to the application store, download and install the app on your Android. By launching the extension, the user will no longer have the question of how to block ads on YouTube mobile. After all, now you can watch YouTube videos without advertising.

Here are examples of popular ad blockers:

  • Stands Free Adblocker – The best solution to block ads on your YouTube app to navigate safely and without annoying ads.
  • AdBlock – blocks various advertising content, and in addition to the Chrome browser, it is also an ad blocker for Firefox.
  • AdBlock Plus is the highest-rated ad blocker on YouTube; in addition to third-party videos, it blocks malicious software, but if you compare Adblock vs. Adblock Plus, the former wins due to better filtering capabilities.
  • AdGuard – can block third-party video spyware and notify the user when a suspicious site is opened.
  • AdLock – is also a way to get rid of ads on YouTube mobile; this extension is most suitable for the IOS operating system.
  • Total AdBlock – blocks third-party trackers for free for a while, but then you need to subscribe.

Now you know how to block YouTube ads using browser extensions. But using the Brave browser, you can watch YouTube without third-party trackers. This is because this browser has an ad blocker for Brave.

Stands Free Adblocker: A Closer Look

Is there a way to block ads on the YouTube app? Stands AdBlocker is worth mentioning separately. We'll consider why tens of millions of users choose it when the question arises of how to remove advertising from the YouTube application. It is enough to download a blocker; advertising that cannot be skipped will still be missed.

Stands Free Adblocker: Key Features

There are different types of advertising: videos, banners, and pop-ups, so how can I block ads on YouTube? Stands Free AdBlocker is very effective in ridding users of malware. Use Stands AdBlocker, and you can browse all social networks without ads. In addition, you will get rid of interstitial ads and automatic video playback, and then you won’t need a premium YouTube subscription. Watching only unobtrusive advertising (set by default) or turning it off entirely is also possible.

Stands Free Adblocker: Security and Privacy

The developer of this product does not use the personal data of users based on compliance with the privacy policy: the data is not sold to third parties and is not used by the company itself to determine solvency and other purposes. Therefore, this is the safest and best way to block YouTube.

"Use Stands AdBlocker, and browse all social networks without ads." Source: Unsplash
"Use Stands AdBlocker, and browse all social networks without ads." Source: Unsplash

2. Install third-party applications

If the question of how to turn off ads on the YouTube app often arises, there is a solution – download a third-party app to your smartphone. Then, you can watch the YouTube application on your mobile phone without being distracted by extraneous advertiser videos. For example, you can download the AdGuard application, which is well-supported by mobile operating systems. 1Blocker also allows you to watch videos on YouTube without ads, and it was explicitly developed for Safari for the Mac and iOS operating systems.

You can use Android applications such as Stands Free Adblocker, AdBlock, and AdLock to block ads on YouTube. They are also suitable for the iOS operating system. If the user is interested in an open-source option, you can download Firefox Focus, which is ideal for smartphones and tablets. Another option for blocking ads in the YouTube application is the SkyTube application. Thanks to it, you can personalize it – use filters to block unnecessary channels and enjoy YouTube.

If you have yet to decide how to block YouTube ads, you can use Pihole – an open-source Android app. This software solution is a DNS server that processes user requests. This application has a generated list of addresses, so the presence of third-party videos does not spoil access to YouTube. All these options will provide the user with YouTube with an ad blocker.

Let's compare the two most common options, AdGuard vs. Pihole. The first will be better for spending time on YouTube without video advertising. However, let's compare them:

  • AdGuard has a more modern and convenient interface compared to Pihole;
  • AdGuard covers a broader range of blocking thanks to double blocking: DNS requests and in the browser;
  • AdGuard has more functionality – it also blocks malicious programs;
  • Installing the AdGuard app is much easier than Pihole.

Both programs have a similar set of functions, but AdGuard is a YouTube ad blocker for Android that is more convenient and stronger in functionality.

"You can watch the YouTube app on your phone without extraneous ads videos with a free ad blocker." Source: Unsplash
"You can watch the YouTube app on your phone without extraneous ads videos with a free ad blocker." Source: Unsplash

3. Use a VPN

A VPN service is another reliable way to remove ads from the YouTube app. They were designed to ensure privacy when using the Internet. But there are VPN services equipped with an ad blocker, and then you can view YouTube without advertising with a hidden IP address and browsing history, preventing third parties from tracking you.

Can you block ads on YouTube more effectively? As YouTube experience has shown, a VPN should be used simultaneously with a blocking extension to ensure the best results. Then, both videos and music on YouTube will not be interrupted by advertisers, thanks to double protection. Not all VPN services have comprehensive blocking methods and can only block banners, pop-ups, and video ads.

4. YouTube Premium and its features

How to block ads on the YouTube app? You can purchase a YouTube premium subscription if you consider blocking bumper ads. This will eliminate advertising and provide access to exclusive content, including music. Having a YouTube account, the user will receive the best option, and the family tariff will allow all family members to use such an account.

However, Google will still be able to monitor your traffic history, so it's better to resort to privacy protection – this could be a VPN service. Thus, if you pay for premium, you can watch YouTube completely privately and without advertisers’ videos.

Can you block all ads in the YouTube app?

To answer the question of whether you can block ads on YouTube completely, let’s consider an exceptional option. This is possible if you download videos to your smartphone and watch YouTube videos offline. This can be done using Downloader or TubeRipper.

All downloaded videos will be on your electronic device, and you can view them anytime. In addition, you will be able to download videos from the channels you monitor automatically. If this option is not very convenient, then there are excellent browser extensions that allow you to eliminate advertising, which we discussed above.


How can I block ads on YouTube? We looked at various ways to block ads on YouTube (free and paid) because frequent receipt of advertisements annoys all users. All of them are effective to one degree or another, and each user can choose the most suitable option for themselves: free YouTube, but with the installation of extensions or third-party YouTube applications, or getting a premium YouTube subscription with additional features.

Therefore, after reading this material, we hope users can turn off advertising in the YouTube application more straightforwardly. Enjoy YouTube with Stands Free Adblocker!

"Excellent browser extensions such as Stands Adblocker will eliminate all advertising in your YouTube app." Source: Unsplash
"Excellent browser extensions such as Stands Adblocker will eliminate all advertising in your YouTube app." Source: Unsplash


How do you block ads in the YouTube app 2024?

You can use the above methods to block ads on your YouTube app effectively.

What methods exist for blocking ads on YouTube? 

There are several methods for blocking ads on the YouTube app; some of them are:

  • A VPN service.
  • A VPN service with browser extensions (or a third-party application).
  • Purchase a premium subscription to YouTube or watch videos downloaded to your smartphone.

Is It Possible to block YouTube on Android?

You can install third-party applications: AdGuard, AdBlock, AdBlocker, AdLock, or others.

Which is better: Blocking ads yourself or using a premium subscription?

For those who do not have the opportunity to make monthly payments, there are many ways to do it yourself without spending money. Therefore, an ad blocker free is a cost-effective option.

Is it possible to prevent YouTube from monitoring my actions?

Yes, it is possible when using a VPN service. It hides the IP address, and tracking becomes impossible.

Why are there ads everywhere on YouTube?

Thus, this channel can earn money from those users who do not use a paid tariff.

If you block ads, will video creators get paid for their videos? 

No, they receive payment only if advertisers view the posted ads.

How do you block ads on YouTube for free?

This can be done using extensions or third-party applications for Android or iOS. However, it is essential to consider that free options are fraught with violation of confidentiality and infection of your software with viruses.