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Twitch Adblock Not Working: Comprehensive Solutions for 2024

March 14, 2024

Understanding the Importance of AdBlock on Twitch

Is Twitch Adblock not working? We're all sick of intrusive ads on any platform we visit. And Twitch was not going to be any exception. But why do platforms like Twitch have so many ads? Adverts are essential to Twitch and its creators because they represent an important source of revenue that maximizes the creator's profits.

However, Twitch's biggest annoyances are the amount and frequency of intrusive ads the user experiences. Because of this, users increasingly rely on methods to eliminate them using the adblocks on Twitch. But why is my adblock not working on Twitch? Let's find it out!

Why is Adblock Not Working on Twitch in 2024?

Key Reasons Why AdBlock Doesn't Work on Twitch

Due to the controversy caused by ad blockers, the Twitch platform has implemented measures to disable these ad-blocking solutions if you're using them. Also, it is worth mentioning that blocking pesky ads on Twitch is complex since its ads are embedded and cannot be blocked entirely, encouraging Twitch users to subscribe to see Twitch content ad-free.

In addition to the policies Twitch has established protecting the platform's terms of use regarding the display of ads, it is also possible that AdBlock may not work on Twitch for the following reasons. Try a different solution to help you fix Twitch if your adblock is not working. Enjoy an ad-free Twitch experience!

Twitch Ad Block Not Working: Technical Insights

  • AdBlock needs to be updated: If you've been using an older version of your extension, it may not be compatible with recent Twitch updates.
  • AdBlock is not correctly installed or configured: Besides having the latest version of AdBlock, we recommend that you verify that it is correctly configured in your browser by accessing its settings. You can whitelist or block every ad on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.
  • No compatibility between AdBlock and Twitch: It may happen that certain AdBlocks are not compatible with some applications, such as the Twitch application, another common issue in blocking ads on specific Twitch channels.

Adblock Not Blocking Twitch Ads: Common User Complaints

Despite being popular alternatives to avoid ad interruptions, several challenges are faced by ad blocker developers and users trying to keep up with the recent terms of use of platforms such as Twitch and YouTube concerning their display of advertisements. 

Common user complaints are:

  • Frequent changes to Twitch's policies can render Adblock ineffective.
  • Because the ads on Twitch are integrated directly into the live stream content, they need help to be effectively blocked.
  • Twitch's detection of ad blockers makes blocking them more complex.

Keeping informed about changes in Twitch's ad policies is always a good way to find solutions that work best for you. 

adblock not working on twitch

Why does Adblock not work on Twitch? Effective Fixes for AdBlocker not working on Twitch

Update Your Adblock Extension

Like other web browser extensions, AdBlock updates itself just fine as new versions are released. However, if AdBlock encounter any issues, ensure it is not outdated to avoid troubleshooting. To update your Adblock extension in different browsers, follow the steps below:

1. Chrome

  1. Download your Free AdBlocker for Chrome.
  2. Enter chrome://extensions in the address bar.
  3. Turn on "Developer mode" by ticking the check box.
  4. Click "Update extensions" to update the Chrome browser.

Find out more about how to Block Websites on Chrome.

2. Firefox

  1. Enter about: add-ons in the address bar.
  2. Click the icon at the top of the page to open the add-on tools menu.
  3. Make sure that "Update Add-ons Automatically" is selected.
  4. Select "Check for Updates." 

3. Edge

  1. Enter edge://extensions in the address bar.
  2. Turn on "Developer mode" by ticking the check box.
  3. Click "Update extensions" now. Restart your browser when finished.

Tweaking Adblock Settings for Twitch

Step-by-Step Guide to Optimize Adblock for Twitch

Why doesnt adblock work on Twitch? One of the alternatives to upgrading adblock for Twitch is to find an ad blocker like Stands Adblock Free, which allows you to whitelist Twitch or other ad blocker options that will enable you to turn off "acceptable ads" or whitelist Twitch. Find the step-by-step instructions for optimizing the ad block for Twitch and break free!

  • Install an ad blocker like Stands.
  • Adjust the adblocker settings; for example, by enabling Stands' advanced protection, you can better control what you see on Twitch regularly.
  • If the blocker allows it, update its filters and consider adding additional protection filters.
  • Also, in settings, add Twitch to the whitelist to allow non-intrusive ads on the platform.
  • Remember that you need to update your ad-blocking extensions to watch streams on Twitch smoothly.

Other Effective Solutions When Adblock Plus is Not Working on Twitch

From blocking intrusive ads to improving your viewing experience, find out which Adblock extensions for Twitch are more effective in blocking all annoying ads. According to user reviews, let's dive into the best anti-twitch adblock broken solutions:

Exploring Other Adblockers and Extensions

  • NordVPN Threat Protection: NordVPN Threat Protection is an ad blocker and VPN that eliminates ads on Twitch since changing your virtual location also affects the geographic targeting of ads, contributing to a smoother online experience. 
  • Surfshark CleanWeb: Surfshark CleanWeb is another effective ad blocker for Twitch that also features VPN, blocking all pop-up and video ads on Twitch.
  • Total Adblock: Besides successfully blocking video ads and third-party trackers on Twitch, Total Adblock is another solution to avoid third-party trackers and malware. 
  • uBlock Origin: uBlock Origin is an open-source browser extension for blocking and filtering content such as advertisements. It also maintains functionality on Twitch. 

why doesn't adblock work on twitch

Stands Adblocker: The Optimal Choice for Twitch

Why Choose Stands Adblocker for Twitch?

Stands Ad-Blocker is an effective ad-blocking solution for Twitch that removes annoying ads while maintaining full Twitch functionality, allowing you to enjoy a cleaner streaming experience while decreasing the risk of malware and tracking, preventing phishing attacks, and protecting your security online.

Our adblocking solution works efficiently, offering maximum online protection and a smoother browsing experience. Plus, with Stands, it's also easy to review blocking statistics and whitelist your favorite sites so you can choose only the content you want to view. It is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Brave and blocks all Android ads, and you can download it 100% free! There is no need to subscribe to a Twitch Turbo subscription!

Advantages and Unique Features of Stands Adblocker

  • No more annoying interruptions on Twitch: Stands Adblocker helps eliminate intrusive ads, pop-ups, and banners for ad-free viewing on Twitch. For this to be effective, we recommend you visit the blocker's settings and customize your preferences.
  • Free and easy to install: Enjoy a free and hassle-free experience with easy installation of the ad blocker with Stands on Firefox, Chrome and Edge, Opera, Brave browser, and Android.
  • High-speed viewing experience: Maintain stream quality and platform functionality to watch your favorite streams smoothly. 
  • Ensure protection online: Block malicious ads and privacy threads that can compromise the security of your devices and your online identity.

How Stands Adblocker Outperforms Others on Twitch?

Why is Stands Adblocker a great alternative to consider for Twitch? Well, because it offers you all those features that make adblock a great option:

  • Effective ad blocking: Stands adblock offers a specific granular solution to decide what content you want to see on particular sites. 
  • Compatible platforms: Choosing an adblocker like Stands for Twitch gives you a wide range of compatibility and better browsing quality on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Stands is a free adblocker that does not require a premium subscription to access its most advanced protection filters.

twitch ad block not working

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Is Twitch Adblock Not Working? Try These Expert Tips

You have already downloaded, installed, and configured your ad blocker according to your preferences. However, if you are still seeing ads on Twitch, perhaps you can get a better streaming experience through: 

  • Turning off non-intrusive advertising: Some built-in ad-blocking software allows "acceptable ads" to be enabled automatically. You can uninstall by going to "Settings" by clicking on the logo of your adblocker in the top right corner of your browser and verifying that the option "Allow certain non-intrusive advertising" is disabled.

Advanced Configurations for Tech-Savvy Users

If the issue persists, you might want to try blocking ads on Twitch by modifying the host file. The host is a small but handy text file that stores host names with their corresponding IP addresses. Modifying this host file is an advanced method of blocking ads at the system level, preventing ads from loading on websites like Twitch. 

  • Locate the host file on your operating system: On Windows, it is usually located in C: Windows System32. It is located in: /etc/hosts on macOS or Linux. Create a backup copy of the host file.
  • Edit the hosts file: Open the hosts file with a text editor and add a new line with the IP address followed by the ad server domain name, such as " ad.doubleclick.net pubads.g.doubleclick.net." Save the modified host file.
  • Clear the DNS cache so the changes take effect.

Preparing for the Future: Twitch Adblock in 2024 and Beyond

Adapting to Twitch's Evolving Ad Strategies

On Twitch, viewers find themselves constantly annoyed by the number of ads that often occur during broadcasts on the platform. Unlike other platforms that offer options to skip various types of ads, viewers on Twitch cannot decide what content to ignore.

Looking to improve their viewing experience on the already ad-saturated streaming platforms, many users opt to use ad blockers or content blockers to get a better experience on Twitch. However, Twitch has fought against these ad-blocking efforts, adapting its technology and platform terms of use policies to circumvent such plug-ins.

For this reason, by informing us of these changes as users, we can stay on top of how to continue seeing Twitch with no ads and improve our streaming experience. Discover Stands AdBlocker!

adblock not blocking twitch ads


Summing Up: Ensuring an Ad-Free Twitch Experience

Twitch users' growing discomfort with intrusive ads has increased the popularity of ad blockers. Still, Twitch has not taken a passive stance by implementing measures to turn off all such solutions. For example, one of the complexities of ad blocking on Twitch is due to the embedding of ads in broadcast content, making it difficult to block them altogether. In addition, AdBlock may not work on Twitch due to the platform's policies and possible incompatibilities.

However, an ad blocker for Twitch, such as Stands, can improve the viewing experience by optimizing its configuration and exploring various alternatives to customize ad blocking. Stands is an excellent alternative for blocking ads on Twitch as it stands out for its efficiency, ease of use, cross-browser compatibility, and free!


Can Twitch detect and block the use of Adblock?

Yes. This is one of the reasons why AdBlockers may not work on Twitch. Twitch has implemented measures to detect ad-blocking solutions, making blocking ads difficult.

Even if there are no legal implications for users who wish to use adblockers on Twitch, the platform discourages using ad blockers as it affects the revenue stream for both the platform and content creators.

What are the alternatives if Adblock stops working on Twitch?

If adblock stops working on Twitch, you can use some practical ad-blocking tools for uninterrupted streaming on Twitch, such as browser extensions like Stands Adblocker, uBlock Origin, and AdGuard.

How do Twitch updates impact the functionality of different Adblock extensions?

Twitch has implemented measures to detect ad blockers, making eliminating ads difficult on the streaming platform. Update your Adblock extension to ensure it can block Twitch ads.