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Best Ad Blocker for YouTube: 2024 Guide

June 17, 2024


Are you tired of intrusive ads interrupting your favorite YouTube videos? Worry no more! If you've ever found yourself in the middle of an interesting YouTube video when suddenly an unwanted ad pops up, this practical guide will help you discover the best adblock for YouTube 2024.

Enjoy your favorite videos with the best free YouTube ad blocker. Block ads effectively, improving your viewing experience and enjoy faster page loading. Get ready to enjoy YouTube!

Why You Need an Ad Blocker for YouTube

With over 2 billion active users, YouTube is a popular video platform that is excellent for watching videos, watching tutorials, and engaging in entertainment. However, unwanted ads on YouTube tend to constantly interrupt the viewing experience, which is one of the main annoyances reported by its users. An ad blocker for YouTube can be the ideal solution to enjoy your favorite videos without interruptions. Discover some of the advantages of downloading the best adblock for YouTube!

  • No more interruptions: YouTube displays ads as part of its business model, allowing it to offer free services to these millions of users. Advertisements on the platform pop up before, during, and after videos, ruining your concentration.
  • Faster loading of videos and pages: Ads can slow down video loading because they increase the weight of a given web page, especially on slow Internet connections. By blocking them, you can enjoy pause-free viewing.
  • Better battery optimization: An ad blocker lets you focus on the content you are interested in and avoid slow-loading pages and battery usage. Enjoy YouTube without annoying ad interruptions.

List of the Best YouTube AdBlockers 2024

Here are the top 5 best ad blockers for YouTube, tools that will allow you to enjoy your videos without interruptions, improve your viewing experience, and save time. Get ready to use YouTube like never before!

How We Tested the Best Ad Blockers for YouTube

To provide you with a reliable selection of the best ad blockers for YouTube, we relied on user opinions on platforms such as forums, review websites, and app stores. We also examined the features and functionalities offered by each ad blocker, such as customization options, customizable filter lists, and support for multiple platforms.

It is essential to mention that selecting an ad blocker depends entirely on your personal needs and preferences. We recommend reading user reviews from different platforms and trying other options before deciding.

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Total Adblock: Best for Ease of Use

What We Liked

Total AdBlock is one of YouTube's best ad-blocking extensions if you want a hassle-free blocking experience and good customization options. Discover some of its features:

  • Easy to install: Installing Total Adblock is simple. You just add the browser extension, and you're done.
  • Easy to use: Total Adblock's interface is clean and straightforward.
  • Automatic ad blocking: Once installed, Total Adblock also works automatically. The extension automatically detects and blocks ads on YouTube, including pre-roll, mid-roll, banner, and graphical ads.
  • Effectiveness: Reviews cite it as a successful software blocking various ad formats on YouTube.
  • Page load speed: Users claim that Total AdBlock improves YouTube loading speed by blocking ads that may consume resources.
  • Customization: It offers good customization features and whitelisting, allowing you to tailor the ad-blocking experience.
  • Browsing protection: Total Adblock protects you from annoying ads without compromising your browsing experience.

What We Didn't Like

On the downside, some users report that while Total AdBlock effectively blocks ads across all platforms, it also places ads of its own that become more invasive and constant. On the other hand, its free version works for only seven days, so you must subscribe to its paid plans. Also, some ad-blocking extensions may collect users' browsing data, so it is essential to check Total Adblock's privacy policy to understand how your data is used.

Total Adblock Pros and Cons

Total Adblock is one of the most effective providers for blocking annoying YouTube ads. It is an adblocker extension designed to improve users' experience on YouTube and offers a range of customization options. It also works effectively with other platforms and websites.

However, even if they offer a free version compatible with major browsers, Android, macOS and iOS devices, you will need a paid subscription to access the full range of features provided. Want to know the best adblocker for Android? Learn everything you want.

NordVPN Threat Protection: Best for Blocking Malicious Ads

What We Liked

NordVPN Threat Protection is a VPN offering additional cybersecurity features such as Threat Protection, which is designed to protect you from various online threats and YouTube ads. Threat Protection works independently of the VPN connection, so you can use it even when not connected to a VPN server. Let's discover some of its features.

  • Ad Blocking: This tool improves your browsing experience on YouTube and across the Internet by preventing adware attacks with efficient ad-blocking functionalities.
  • Web protection: Threat Protection is a cybersecurity product with important antivirus features designed to protect you against cyber threats such as malware and tracker blocking.
  • Vulnerability detection: Threat protection is responsible for detecting risky applications and scanning your device and files to prevent threats from staying online.
  • Malicious URL blocking: Threat protection blocks access to dangerous or malware-hosting websites and protects against phishing attacks through misleading links or redirects.
  • URL cleaner: Threat protection also offers URL cleaner, which makes it easier to exchange links and more complex for websites to crawl you on the web.
  • DNS Filtering: Filter your online activity through NordVPN's DNS servers to block malicious ads and pop-ups before they reach your device.

What We Didn't Like

Although it is considered one of the best tools for blocking YouTube ads, one of the negative issues we found with NordVPN is the difficulty some users report when canceling their paid subscription, highlighting that their customer service could be more efficient. Also, their user interface could be more user-friendly, requiring some technical knowledge to set it up. Lastly, we found that loading a new page or video takes very little time with Threat Protection. However, with Threat Protection, users report slowdowns.

NordVPN Threat Protection Pros and Cons

NordVPN Threat Protection offers various cybersecurity features, such as ad blocking, web protection, vulnerability detection, malicious URL blocking, URL cleaning, and DNS filtering. These features improve online safety and enhance the browsing experience, even when not connected to a VPN server. While it effectively blocks YouTube ads and prevents various online threats, some users have reported difficulties canceling paid subscriptions, inefficient customer service, and slowdowns in page or video loading times when Threat Protection is enabled.

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Surfshark CleanWeb: Best for Multiple Devices

What We Liked

Surfshark CleanWeb is a VPN service that offers an ad-blocking function and other security and privacy features. One of its main advantages is that it is compatible with Chrome extension, Firefox, and Edge browsers and provides a mobile app called Surfshark VPN. Let's learn more about its features and how Surfshark CleanWeb can benefit your YouTube experience.

  • YouTube ad blocking: CleanWeb effectively blocks ads that play before, during, and after YouTube videos, providing an uninterrupted viewing experience.
  • Effective with various ad formats: CleanWeb can block many ad formats, including YouTube video ads, pop-up ads, and more.
  • Customizable ad blocking: This tool allows you to customize the level of ad blocking and tailor it to your preferences. You can also block specific ads or websites.
  • Privacy features: CleanWeb blocks web crawlers and cookies to protect your privacy and reduce the personal data advertisers and other third parties collect about you.
  • Anti-Phishing Protection: The tool also helps prevent phishing scams by blocking malicious websites and potentially dangerous threads.

What We Didn't Like

Some of CleanWeb's online drawbacks concerning some users include a slight slowdown in page load times. Also, although it offers ad-blocking features, this software is designed explicitly as a VPN, with ad-blocking not being its strong advantage.

Surfshark CleanWeb Pros and Cons

Surfshark provides excellent security features and is one of the safest VPNs for YouTube app. It offers various online privacy and security solutions, and its subscription plans include a VPN. However, even though Surfshark provides excellent security features and is one of the safest VPNs available, you must pay a monthly subscription to download it.

AdGuard: Best for Personalized Ad Blocking

What We Liked

AdGuard is a free tool and open-source application offering exceptional ad-blocking features for Google Chrome and Safari, and other browsers. This adlock software protects your privacy against tracking and offers various filtering options to ensure high-quality content. Furthermore, you can create rules and filters using the user rules module. Let's discover some of AdGuard's features that make it a good choice for custom ad blocking. Let's learn more about AdGuard's features.

  • Ad blocking: AdGuard is known for its robust ad-blocking capabilities, which block pre-roll and mid-roll ads and display ads on the YouTube platform.
  • Customizable blocking filters: AdGuard allows you to create filters to block specific ads and websites. In addition, this tool provides a variety of preconfigured filter lists that you can subscribe to to block pop-up ads.
  • DNS protection: DNS protection identifies threats within DNS traffic, which can help protect you from phishing attacks, malware, and other online threats. It can also remove ads displayed on websites and platforms such as YouTube.
  • HTTPS filtering: AdGuard can block ads even on HTTPS websites.
  • Tracking protection: AdGuard can block online trackers to help protect your privacy.
  • Whitelist management: Through its interface, you can create a whitelist of websites for which you want to allow ads. For example, you can add YouTube to support your favorite content creators.
  • Statistics and reporting: AdGuard provides reporting tools that you can use to track your ad-blocking activity.

What We Didn't Like

Despite its great functionality and compatibility, AdGuard's operation may cause dysfunctionality in the sites, such as possible technical errors requiring a restart. Also, you will need technical knowledge to customize its blocking capabilities and thoroughly know its various products to find the most suitable one.

AdGuard Pros and Cons

AdGuard is one of the most effective ad-blocking and content-filtering software, offering various features and products for customized ad blocking. It is a good choice for users who want more control over their online experience and want to protect their privacy while looking for good compatibility with various operating systems. In addition, AdGuard's ad-blocking capabilities are very effective on YouTube. However, you will need technical knowledge to understand its functionality and interface and add blocking filters.

best adblocker for youtube

uBlock Origin: Best for Simplified Ad Blocking

What We Liked

uBlock Origin is a free, open-source ad blocker extension and content blocker. uBlock Origin is available for web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera and utilizes various filters to block unwanted advertisements and trackers effectively. Now, let's dive into its features for YouTube:

  • Effective ad blocking: uBlock Origin is a highly effective ad blocker that prevents pre-roll, mid-roll, banner, overlay, and various other types of ads from appearing on YouTube.
  • Filter personalization: uBlock Origin's custom filters feature enables users to create personalized filters to block specific elements on the platform, such as channels or types of content that are not of interest.
  • Predefined filter lists: uBlock Origin is equipped with predefined filter lists that are constantly updated to deliver effective ad-blocking capabilities on YouTube and during browsing.
  • Lightweight and efficient: uBlock Origin is a relatively lightweight ad blocker, consuming fewer system resources and having minimal impact on browser performance.
  • Privacy protection: uBlock Origin is an effective tool for blocking trackers that gather information about your YouTube activities, helping to safeguard your privacy.
  • Constant updates: The uBlock Origin extension undergoes regular updates, receiving new blocking rules and bug fixes to maintain its efficacy against the most recent advertisements and methods used to circumvent ad blocking.

What We Didn't Like

The advanced features of uBlock Origin may present a steeper learning curve for users with limited technical knowledge, potentially overwhelming them. Additionally, the aggressive filtering rules of uBlock Origin could block elements essential for adequately functioning websites, causing potential dysfunctionalities. It is not available for Safari.

uBlock Origin Pros and Cons

UBlock Origin is an effective and customizable tool for blocking YouTube ads and improving the viewing experience. Its focus on efficiency, privacy protection, and constant updates make it a solid choice for many users. However, like all software, it may present functionality issues and require technical knowledge.

Stands Adblocker: Best Adblock for YouTube

Why Choose Stands Adblocker

Stands Adblocker is the best free adblock for YouTube, providing reliable functionalities to enhance your online experience. It effectively removes intrusive YouTube ads and contributes to faster and more enjoyable browsing by improving page loading speed and saving battery life on your mobile devices. Let's find out more!

Advantages of Stands Adblocker

Stands Free Adblocker offers the best features designed to enhance your online experience. Say goodbye to intrusive YouTube ads:

  • Block all kinds of ads: Stands Free AdBlocker allows you to block annoying banners, pop-ups, and ads on YouTube, other social networking platforms, and the Internet.
  • Faster and more enjoyable browsing: Stands will improve page loading speed while eliminating autoplay video ads and contributing to better browsing quality.
  • Safer browsing without ads: With Stands Free AdBlocker, you can minimize ad-related risks, such as malware, by blocking all types of advertising.
  • Compatible with all major browsers: Stands AdBlocker is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi, and Android and iOS devices.
  • Personalization features: With Stands, you can control your online experience, allow certain ads, or whitelist the websites you want to allow.
  • 100% Free AdBlocker: While some ad blockers can be expensive, Stands AdBlocker is free and provides premium blocking features.

Best Adblock for YouTube: Honorable Mentions

Other Notable Ad Blockers in 2024 for YouTube

In addition to the extensions and applications mentioned above, there are other popular ad blocker options for YouTube to consider:

  • Adblock Plus is a better adblock for YouTube solution with a broad user base and many ad blocker filters.
  • Ghostery: An ad blocker focusing primarily on privacy protection, blocking ads, trackers, and scripts.
  • Privacy Badger: An ad blocker that uses a machine learning-based approach to identify and block ads and trackers.
  • YouTube AdBlock: An extension specifically designed to block ads on YouTube using filters and blocking techniques that remove a wide range of ads, including pre-roll, mid-roll, banner, and overlay ads.

Remember that choosing a better adblocker for YouTube depends on your needs and preferences. For more information, check out updated online reviews and opinions on Websites and forums such as Reddit and Trustpilot.

best youtube adblocker

How to Choose the Best Ad Blocker YouTube

Key Features to Look and Use an Ad Blocker

Choosing the best ad blocker for YouTube depends on your needs and preferences. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Blocking effectiveness: Among the most critical factors for stopping a wide range of YouTube ads, including pre-roll, mid-roll, banner, overlay, and in-video ads, is blocking effectiveness.
  • Reputation and support: Choose an ad blocker developed by reliable developers that offers regular updates and active online technical support.
  • Good reviews and comparisons: Check online reviews and comparisons of different ad blockers and from other sources to get a broader perspective of performance.
  • Stay up to date: To ensure the best protection and functionality, update your ad blocker, device, browser, and operating system to the latest version. Not staying updated could be one of the reasons why Chrome is so Slow.

YouTube Premium vs. Ad Blockers: Is It Worth It?

Pros and Cons of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is an alternative for users who watch YouTube and value getting a better experience without ads and with other extra benefits, such as downloading videos and accessing exclusive content. However, it is essential that you consider the following points before subscribing:


  • No more video ads: The main advantage of YouTube Premium is that it allows you to enjoy all YouTube content without ads appearing before, during, or after the videos.
  • Downloading videos: With YouTube Premium, you can download videos for offline viewing.
  • Background playback: You can listen to YouTube videos in the background or with the screen turned off or locked.
  • Exclusive content: YouTube Premium gives you access to exclusive content, such as YouTube original series and movies, as well as up-to-the-minute access to your favorite creators.


  • Cost: YouTube Premium is a subscription service that comes at a monthly fee.
  • Content availability: Not all YouTube content is available for free download or ad-free viewing with YouTube Premium.
  • Compatibility: YouTube Premium may not be available in all countries. Also, some features, such as background playback, may only be available on some devices.

Get YouTube Premium Cheaper with a VPN

Now, if you are looking for tips and tricks to watch YouTube Premium at no cost, you can save money on your subscription using a VPN. VPNs allow you to mask your location and connect to the Internet through a server in another country. This can be useful for accessing content blocked in your region or protecting your online privacy.

You can connect to a server in one of these countries using a VPN and sign up for YouTube Premium. This way, you will pay the lowest price, regardless of location. Some of the best VPNs are NordVPN and Surfshark.


Summary of the Best Ad Blockers for YouTube

Our guide to discovering the best free Ad Blocker for YouTube 2024 highlights the need for ad blockers to enhance the YouTube experience and avoid frequent interruptions caused by unwanted ads. Also, several options are presented and evaluated, such as Total AdBlock, NordVPN Threat Protection, Surfshark CleanWeb, AdGuard, uBlock Origin, and Stands Adblocker, each with its advantages and disadvantages in terms of ease of use, effectiveness, customization, and privacy.

In addition, YouTube Premium, an alternative to avoid ads, is mentioned, although it has an associated cost. VPNs are suggested for obtaining subscriptions at a lower price in different regions. The selection of the best blocker depends on each user's needs and personal preferences. For these reasons, we recommend looking for the best YouTube adblocker and updated and reliable information on the Internet.

Final Recommendations

When selecting an ad blocker for YouTube, it's essential to consider several factors to ensure the best experience while using ad blockers. Prioritize the effectiveness of ad blocking, ease of use, additional features, privacy protection, performance impact, compatibility with your device or browser, the reputation of the ad blocker, and the availability of customer support. It's also essential to try different options to find the one that best suits your needs.

Additionally, remember to keep your ad blocker up to date to ensure it can effectively block new types of ads. Lastly, remember that for the ultimate ad-free YouTube experience, consider a YouTube Premium subscription.


Will an Ad Blocker Work on YouTube?

Ad blockers can still be effective on YouTube but also may not be foolproof. While popular adblockers tackle most ad formats, YouTube and Google constantly work to bypass them. You might experience occasional ads slipping through or needing to refresh the page with the blocker engaged.

Is There a YouTube Ad Blocker That Works with Chrome?

Yes, several of the best Ad Blockers for Chrome block YouTube ads. Popular options include uBlock Origin, AdGuard, and Chrome's built-in ad blocker. These extensions can effectively remove pre-roll, mid-roll, and banner ads.

Does AdBlock Still Work on YouTube?

AdBlock can still be helpful for YouTube, but it might need to offer more effective ad-blocking capabilities. At the same time, it still eliminates many ad formats. However, YouTube and Google work hard to outsmart ad blockers.

What Is the Best Free YouTube AdBlocker?

Stands Free is an excellent choice for those looking for a free, effective, and easy-to-use ad blocker for YouTube. It offers a solid combination of features, privacy, and performance, making it a popular choice among the community.

What Is the Best YouTube Ad Blocker 2024 for Chrome?

Stands Free Adblocker is a solid choice for integration with Chrome for its effectiveness in blocking a wide range of YouTube ads, including pre-roll, mid-roll, banner, overlay, and video ads. In addition, Stands offers ease of use, performance, and compatibility with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. Get the best ad blocker for Chrome!