Our commitment

The right for privacy is one of our core values and we’ve built Stands from the ground up with that in mind. We’re committed to protecting your privacy and collecting only the minimum amount of information needed to provide our services.

You can read below our main privacy principals, our full Privacy Policy can be found here.

How does Stands keep your privacy?

Encrypted communication
All communication between the app with our servers is encrypted.

Total anonymity
The data we store, such as the ads you have seen and the sites they were on, doesn’t have any user data on it: no IP Address, User Agent, Email, or User ID. We have no way to trace anything back to you.

Prevent others from tracking you
We actively block many online trackers by blocking calls to known trackers.

For the ads we do allow through the Stands app, we make sure to delete the cookies that are created at least once a day. Cookies are used by companies to create a persistent profile about a user. By deleting cookies once a day, we force these companies to create a new profile that cannot be connected to any of your previous created profiles. This means it is impossible for these companies to create a complete online profile about you, and therefore impossible for them to sell your data.


What Information we do store?

We only keep the information we need to help make the impact we promise.

  • Statistics on your donations to show you the impact you’re making.
  • Statistics on your engagement with the app to improve the overall user experience.
  • If you choose to sign up for updates with your email address or Facebook account, we will store your email or Facebook account ID in our secure server. We will never share your registration data or link it to your browsing information.



We know trust is earned and transparency is a key. So, the app’s source code & data are entirely available for you to look at right in your browser.
To see what data our application keeps go to:

  • Chrome -> More Tools -> Extensions
  • Check the Developer Mode CheckBox on the top right hand of the screen
  • Click on “Inspect views: background page” under MyStands details
  • Choose the Resources tab and then select Local Storage > chrome-extension


Privacy methodologies and techniques are evolving. We are committed to keep improving Stands app privacy coverage.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns to