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Best Twitch Ad Blockers on Reddit

July 05, 2024


Tired of ads interrupting your Twitch streams? We feel you. Twitch generates revenue from its large user base through advertisements. However, some users find these ads disruptive to their viewing experience. This guide dives into the helpful solutions Reddit users swear by to reclaim your viewing experience ad-free. Got ads on Twitch? Join us to discover the top Twitch Adblock Reddit!

Overview of Twitch Adblocking Concerns

With over 240 million monthly active users, Twitch has become one of the most popular live-streaming platforms. In addition to its massive user base and engaged community, the platform generates revenue through advertising, subscription services, and virtual currency transactions.

However, like most video platforms on the Internet, Twitch has also entered into a battle against ad blocking on the platform. On the one hand, because ads are a crucial source of revenue for both Twitch and its streamers, the platform has implemented several measures to prevent its advertisements from being blocked. However, the number of ads displayed on the platform and other websites could also affect the user experience, leading to users abandoning the platform or subscribing to Twitch Prime to avoid ads.

What is the best Adblock Twitch, according to Reddit?

An ad blocker is software that prevents ads from being displayed during browsing and on streaming and gaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. Ad blockers filter ad requests by preventing them from being downloaded and displayed in the player. Because of this, ads that appear before, during, or after live streams can be blocked.

Understanding How Adblock Works on Twitch

There are different types of ad blockers for Twitch, for example:

  • Web browser extensions: Ad blocker extensions from official web stores could be installed in web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Some popular examples of browser extensions are Stands AdBlocker, AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin, and Adblock for Twitch on Reddit.
  • Ad Blocker Apps: These programs are installed on the computer or mobile device and work independently of the web browser.
  • Network-level ad blockers: These software programs are installed on your router or other network device. They block ads for all devices connecting to the network but require technical knowledge to install and edit. Pi-hole is a popular example of a network-level ad blocker.

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Best Twitch Adblock Reddit Solutions

With the growing popularity of the Twitch platform, many users are looking for ways to improve their viewing experience by blocking ads that interrupt broadcasts. Because Reddit is a platform known for its active communities, it is an excellent place to discover the most effective and up-to-date ad-blocking solutions, plus some tips and tricks from the subreddit's dedicated tech support. Below, we'll explore some top-rated solutions for you to enjoy your streams without ad interruptions.

Based on the above trends about the best ad blockers for Twitch and recommendations from the Reddit community, here are some of the top-rated adblocking alternatives for Twitch:

  • uBlock Origin: It is a free and open-source browser extension for content filtering, including ad-blocking, which is widely recommended for Twitch. With a bit of technical knowledge, users can set custom filters to maintain stream quality while blocking ads. For it to work correctly on the platform, you may need to visit the "My Filters" tab, add the filter "tv##+js(twitch-videoad)," and then click "Apply changes." In addition, uBlock Origin is compatible with different browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. uBlock doesn't work on iOS. You can also try AdGuard DNS as an alternative.
  • TTV LOL Pro: This extension is specifically designed to block ads on Twitch, and according to several Reddit and GitHub threads, it could also be considered an alternative to blocking ads on the streaming platform. It is worth mentioning that, according to user comments, TTV LOL does not remove banner ads or ads from VODs. However, for a better experience and a more effective commercial break, use uBlock Origin alongside the TTV LOL extension.
  • VPN solutions: VPNs are more effective than most ad blockers at blocking ads on Twitch. For example, you can install Surfshark, NordVPN or AdGuard VPN to avoid ads on the platform. However, some VPNs prioritize privacy over ad blocking and might not actively block Twitch ads. Keep updated regarding the platform's changes to find the best way to block Twitch ads, pop-up ads, etc.

Search for the most accurate and up-to-date solutions for recent discussions or posts on subreddits like r/Twitch, r/uBlockOrigin, r/Adblock, or r/TwitchTurbo. These communities actively reply to user issues and technical questions, update Twitch's ad-blocking strategy, and promote upcoming features. Get the best Twitch ad blocker Reddit by clicking just one button.

Best Adblock for Twitch Reddit Recommends

According to the Reddit community, using the most recommended ad blockers for Twitch enhances your experience on the platform. These tools remove ads and offer additional benefits. Below, we will delve into the main advantages of using these ad blockers to enjoy Reddit and the Internet.

Let's explore the main benefits of using these highly-rated tools in the Reddit community:

  • Minimal interruptions: Ads disrupt the flow of streams at crucial moments in a live stream. Ad blockers like uBlock Origin and TTV LOL help eliminate these interruptions.
  • Faster loading streams: By blocking ads, many of these tools also help streams load faster, as the browser does not need to load additional ad content.
  • Less bandwidth usage: Video ads can consume a lot of mobile data. An ad blocker can reduce data consumption, especially if you have an Internet plan with data limits or a poor Internet connection.
  • Protection against malicious ads: Some ads may contain malicious elements. Ad blockers help reduce exposure to these potentially harmful elements by blocking all such ads.

Adopting the most recommended ad blockers improves your Twitch viewing experience and offers additional performance and online safety benefits.

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Reddit's New and Working Twitch Adblocks on Chrome

Keeping up with the latest changes to Chrome extensions for Twitch is crucial to enjoying a seamless viewing experience. Because Twitch and YouTube frequently update their advertising methods and platform terms of use, extension developers strive to provide solutions that continue to adapt to these restrictions.

Latest Updates on Chrome Extensions for Twitch

Here's a look at the most recent updates to some of the most popular extensions for Twitch on Chrome:

  • uBlock Origin: uBlock Origin has added new filter lists explicitly designed for blocking ads on Twitch, which are manually added to improve blocking effectiveness. In addition, the latest versions have optimized performance to enhance browsing speed.
  • TTV LOL: TTV LOL receives constant updates to remain effective on Twitch. The extension has improved its compatibility with other ad-blocking tools, allowing for a better experience on the platform.
  • Other ad-blocker options: Regarding ad blockers such as AdGuard, they have focused on improving the stability of the extension and adding new filters and detection methods to block Twitch ads. However, due to constant changes in the platform's terms of use, its effectiveness may vary.

These updates reflect the developers' continuous effort to provide effective and easy-to-use tools for all users. However, to get the most out of these extensions, it is recommended that you keep them updated and periodically check for new settings.

Why Some Twitch Adblocks Don't Work Anymore

Still getting ads on Twitch, even after installing an adblocker? Twitch is a streaming platform that relies on advertising revenue, so it has implemented several measures against adblockers. Twitch continuously adapts and improves its strategies to ensure that its ads continue to reach the audience. Read on to learn about some of Twitch's most common countermeasures against adblockers.

Insights into Twitch's Countermeasures Against Adblocks

These countermeasures reflect Twitch's commitment to maintaining its advertising revenue model. Knowing these tactics can help users better understand which ad blockers might be most effective on Twitch.

  • Content-Integrated Ads: Twitch has integrated ads directly into the content stream at the beginning (preroll) and during (mid-roll) broadcasts. Because these ads are embedded in the stream, they are more difficult to block. In addition, Twitch also uses banners and overlays that appear during live streams, which are also difficult to block.
  • Twitch platform updates: Twitch regularly updates its ad delivery methods to bypass adblocker filters. For example, the platform incorporates new technologies and scripts to make ads less detectable.
  • Adblocker Detection and Blocking: Twitch uses scripts that detect if a user is using an adblocker, denying access to content until it is disabled for the platform.
  • Collaboration with Content Creators: Twitch encourages content creators to include ads and promotions directly in their streams, which adblockers cannot block.

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Spotlight on Stands Ad Blocker for Twitch

Stands AdBlocker is a highly effective ad-blocking solution for Twitch that you can download for free. It offers a user-friendly interface, maximum protection, and an enhanced browsing experience.

Why Choose Stands Ad Blocker?

Stands removes all ads while maintaining full Twitch functionality. This extension is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari, and Brave and blocks all Android ads. Discover all Stands Free AdBlocker advantages below!

Key Features and Benefits of Stands Ad Blocker

  • No more interruptions on Twitch: Stands Adblocker will help you remove all intrusive ads, pop-ups, and banners on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Go to Reddit to find more discussions about YouTube and Twitch ad-free experiences.
  • Free and easy to install: Enjoy an uninterrupted no-ads experience with a free ad blocker for all users, like Stands, which is compatible with popular browsers like Firefox and Edge. Stands is also an excellent ad blocker Chrome extension.
  • High-speed viewing experience: Because Stands Adblocker blocks all ads, page loading and browsing will be more efficient.
  • Protection against ad-related risks: Some ads may contain malware code. Because Stands Adblocker blocks all ads, it also helps reduce your exposure to these threats.
  • Bandwidth savings: Ad blockers like Stands prevent the streaming and downloading of advertising content, which can save bandwidth, mainly if your Internet connection is limited.
  • Personalized experience: Ad blockers like Stands allow users to customize their online experience manually by whitelisting specific content so as not to affect their favorite streamers.

User Reviews and Feedback on Stands Ad Blocker from Reddit

Older Reddit threads show that some users found Stands Ad Blocker compelling, while others reported functionality issues. It is essential to mention that ad blocker strategies and the effectiveness of specific extensions can change over time, and more so with these constant updates to streaming platforms. Therefore, older reviews may reflect something other than the current state of Stands Ad Blocker. We recommend you visit the Web Store to stay updated about the latest Stands updates.

Also, it is essential to mention that, like all software, Stands can present functionality issues due to streaming platforms' constant updates. However, if you have already decided to download the adblocker and are still waiting to see the expected results, we recommend that you contact the Stands Support Team for further information and help.


Using Reddit-recommended ad blockers such as uBlock Origin and TTV LOL can significantly improve your Twitch viewing experience by eliminating ad interruptions, enhancing loading speeds, and reducing data usage. Stands adblocker is also positioned as an effective alternative to block ads on Twitch and other platforms such as YouTube. However, remember that ad blockers and streaming platforms are constantly battling, so staying updated with the latest information is essential.

Summary of Best Twitch Adblock Extensions Reddit

Below are the top-rated Twitch adblock solutions according to Reddit:

  1. uBlock Origin: This free, open-source browser extension is highly recommended for Twitch. With some technical knowledge, you can customize filters to block ads while maintaining stream quality.
  2. TTV LOL: This extension is designed specifically to target Twitch ads. While it may not block all ad types, it's a good option. Consider using it with uBlock Origin for better results.
  3. Stands AdBlocker: Stands AdBlocker is an advanced ad-blocking tool designed explicitly for Twitch users. It can be downloaded for free and offers a user-friendly interface, robust protection against ads, and an overall improved browsing experience. With Stands AdBlocker, you will enjoy uninterrupted content on Twitch.
  4. VPN Solutions: VPNs can be effective for ad blocking, but some prioritize privacy over ad blocking. Research the best VPN for your needs.
  5. Stay Updated: Search Reddit communities like r/Twitch for the latest ad-blocking strategies to prevent you from feeling frustrated with ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Adblock that works on Twitch Reddit

Which adblock works on Twitch Reddit in 2023-2024?

Although ad blocking on Twitch is constantly evolving, some solutions currently work in 2024. The free and customizable uBlock Origin extension, TTV LOL, VPNs such as Surfshark or NordVPN, and Stands Adblocker are among the most popular options.

Why have many ad blockers stopped working on Twitch?

Twitch uses tactics such as embedding ads directly into streams, updating ad delivery methods to bypass filters, and even detecting and blocking users with ad blockers. This is why some ad blockers may not be as effective as before, forcing users to look for updated solutions.

How to install and configure an ad blocker for Twitch in the Chrome browser?

To block Twitch ads in Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Chrome Web Store: search for your chosen extension and click "Add to Chrome."
  2. Activate and configure: Adblockers like Stands offer advanced blocking options, so we recommend you customize your ad blocker for Twitch Reddit for maximum functionality.
  3. Enjoy Twitch without ads! Restart Chrome if necessary, and go back to your favorite streams.

Which Twitch ad blocker Reddit is the best, according to users?

Determining the best adblocker for Twitch Reddit is complicated because each type of user seeks an alternative that meets their needs. However, uBlock Origin and TTV LOL have positioned themselves as good alternatives for Twitch. Also, many users recommend using both for maximum coverage and other free VPN services. Twitch adblockers on Reddit are constantly adapting, so what works today may need tweaking tomorrow.

What are the free and paid Twitch adblockers Reddit, and what is their difference?

Ad blockers are standalone software tools that work with your web browser. Popular options on Reddit include free, open-source extensions such as uBlock Origin and TTV LOL. However, paid adblockers may offer greater functionality in terms of both ad blocking and privacy and security.