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How to Completely Total AdBlock Remove: Your Ultimate Guide

March 14, 2024

Nowadays, many websites ask you to turn off ad blockers to access their content, and some of them are even often affected by functionality, providing a not-so-efficient user experience if you're using some AdBlock in your browser. Regardless of your reasons, we will explain how to accomplish the Total Adblock remove in different browsers below.

Overview of Total AdBlock and the Importance of Removing It

An ad blocker is a small program or add-on that allows you to block intrusive advertising when browsing the Internet. It can be used on both computers and mobile devices. While an ad blocker is an excellent tool to enhance your online protection and experience, there are several reasons why you could turn it off. For example, you should support a website or content creator that relies on advertising revenue or seek better site functionality, as some of this software may slow down your browsing or even affect the functionality and loading of pages.

Disabling the ad blocker sometimes ensures compatibility with various sites, avoiding possible display and access problems. However, turning off your ad blocker can compromise online security and privacy. Let's find out more below!

how to remove total adblock from chrome

Comprehensive Methods to Remove Total AdBlock

How to Remove Total AdBlock from Chrome: A Step-by-Step Guide

How do I get rid of Total AdBlock? Let's explore how to remove Total AdBlock from Chrome, providing clear instructions to optimize your browser and ensure it suits your browsing preferences. Follow these steps to understand how to uninstall Total AdBlock and customize your Google Chrome browsing experience.

Uninstalling Total AdBlock from Chrome Extensions

To uninstall Total Adblock in Chrome extension:

  1. Open Chrome and add "chrome://extensions/" to your search bar.
  2. Find AdBlock in your extensions section and click Remove.
  3. Then, following the instructions, press "Remove" again.

Removing Total AdBlock from Google Chrome Settings

To remove Total Adblock in Chrome settings:

  1. Open Google Chrome, and click on the three vertical dots to see the dropdown menu.
  2. Then select "Extensions" and locate "Total AdBlock."
  3. To temporarily turn off the extension, toggle the switch next to "Total AdBlock" to "off." 
  4. To remove the extension entirely, click "Remove" next to "Total AdBlock."
  5. Click "Remove" again to confirm it.
  6. And restart Chrome to apply the changes.

how to remove total adblock

How to remove Total Adblock from Windows 10?

Step-by-Step Process for Total AdBlock Removal on Windows 10

To remove Total Adblock from Windows 10, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Control Panel by clicking the "Start" button in the bottom-left corner of your screen and using your search bar.
  2. Go to "Programs" and click "Programs and Features."
  3. Scroll down to find "Total AdBlock."
  4. To uninstall it, click "Total AdBlock" and choose "Uninstall."
  5. Following the instructions confirms that you want to uninstall Total AdBlock.
  6. Restart your computer to ensure changes.

How to remove Total Adblock from my computer?

Since Total Adblock is an extension, depending on your browser, you should be able to Remove it from your extensions lists. If using Chrome, go to the Extensions page by entering chrome://extensions in a new tab. For example, you can type and access edge: // extensions using Edge, Opera, Brave, etc. If you can not access your extensions lists this way, you can search for them on "Settings," located to the right of your browser address bar.

Uninstalling Total AdBlock: A Detailed Tutorial

How do I remove Total Adblock completely? Try this:

  1. Go to your browser's settings and select "More Tools" or "Add-ons and Themes," depending on your browser.
  2. Then click on the Extensions tab.
  3. Scroll down to find "Total Adblock." 
  4. Click on the Trash Bin icon next to it to remove, or click "Remove."
  5. Confirm and update your PC browser.

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Alternative Methods to Uninstall Total AdBlock

How to Remove Total AdBlock Via Email: Contact and Procedure

If you cannot remove Total AdBlock using your computer, you also have the option to do so by unsubscribing via email.

  1. Write a new email including a subject similar to "Unsubscribe request."
  2. Please include all pertinent policy details, account information, and justification for the cancellation, including screenshots and the date you may want the cancellation to take effect.
  3. Send the drafted email to cancel@totaladblock.com and wait for the team to contact you.

Keep a copy of the Total AdBlock confirmation emails and the cancellation email.

Can You Cancel Total AdBlock Subscription Over the Phone?

You can also cancel your Total AdBlock subscription by phone by calling the Total AdBlock customer support number at 833 201 8682 and waiting for a team member to contact you and identify your account. Provide your account details and emphasize that you wish to cancel your subscription. To confirm the cancellation of your subscription, we suggest you follow the representative's instructions.

After Uninstallation: Ensuring Total Removal

How to Ensure Total AdBlock is Completely Removed?

To ensure the Total Adblock plugin is completely removed from your device, follow the next steps:

  1. On your browser, go to "Settings" and "Extensions."
  2. Here, you will see the list of your installed extensions.
  3. The Total Adblock plugin should now be removed from your browser.

how to get rid of total adblock

Seeking Refunds and Customer Support

How to Get A Refund From Total AdBlock?

To get a refund from Total AdBlock, visit the Total AdBlock Help Center and Support to contact their team directly for refund information. Refund processing time is 24-48 hours from your request for approval; however, sometimes, it may take up to 7 business days.

You can refer to the General Terms and Conditions within the refund requirements to understand the conditions and agreements that apply to your request. It is also important to note that the refund may vary depending on the payment methods. If you paid using a credit or debit card, the refund will be processed to the same card. Refunds are credited back to your PayPal account for payments made through PayPal. If you made a purchase through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, refunds are processed according to the policies and procedures of the respective store.

Contacting Total AdBlock for Support and Queries

Contacting Total AdBlock customer support or technical support services might involve using various communication channels such as email, a contact form on their website, or any other means they offer for user inquiries.

For example, if you encounter problems with the Total AdBlock extension, have questions about its functionality, or need help with troubleshooting, you can get personalized help or clarification on issues related to the extension through their support service.

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Introducing Stands Adblocker: A Superior Alternative

Why Choose Stands Adblocker: Benefits and Features

If you want to remove Total Adblock, consider looking for an ad-blocking product to prevent exposure to potential malware, adware, or phishing. Want to navigate the Internet without affecting the functionality of the pages and protect your privacy? Discover Stands adblock free! Your ultimate well-known protection to surf the Internet with peace of mind and zero annoying ads.

With over 1,000,000 adblock users from over 170 countries, Stands AdBlocker is a 100% free solution to take your browsing to the next level. But what are Stands' features that, in addition to protecting you online, will enhance your user experience?

  • 100% free ad-blocking solution: Stands AdBlocker is very easy to install and configure, and it's also free, with no paid subscription required.
  • Compatibility with the most popular browsers: Stands AdBlocker is available for Firefox, Brave, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi and also protects your Android browsing.
  • Customize your blocking settings: Once you have finished downloading Stands, take a moment to play around with the settings and enable them according to your preferences. With its whitelists, you can decide what content you want to block and which pages you want the adblocker to not work on, for example, to support your favorite content creators.
  • Granular ad and malware blocking: Stands Adblocker adheres to ethical practices and credentials, ensuring ad, malware, and phishing blocking, giving you an extra layer of online protection.
  • Protecting your privacy: Stands Adblocker guarantees online privacy and provides advanced protection against trackers and third parties profiling your internet activity.
  • Efficient browsing experience: Experience uninterrupted browsing while maintaining full platform functionality.

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Summarizing the Total AdBlock Removal Process

In conclusion, disabling or removing Total AdBlock may be necessary in some instances to improve functionality and online browsing experience. Although ad blockers offer protection against intrusive advertising, disabling them may be essential to support websites or content creators relying on advertising revenue. Total AdBlock removal can be achieved by following the simple steps mentioned above. In addition, you can also contact Total AdBlock by email or phone to unsubscribe.

However, it is crucial to stay protected while surfing online. Stands Adblocker is a great ad-blocking alternative if you need to remove advertisements. It stands out for its practical and free solution, cross-browser compatibility, blocking customization, and solid privacy protection, thus offering an efficient browsing experience.


Is It Safe To Remove Total AdBlock From My Browser?

Removing Total Adblock is safe and straightforward. Go to your extensions page and paste "chrome://extensions/" into your address bar if you use Chrome. Find Total Adblock within your plugins, click" "Remove," and confirm.

What Are The Alternatives To Total AdBlock After Removal?

Many ad blockers are compatible with Google Chrome and other popular browsers, such as Stands, AdGuard, and uBlock Origin extensions, which allow you to use their ad-blocking features.

How To Disable Total AdBlock Temporarily Instead Of Removing It?

To disable AdBlock correctly, locate the AdBlock icon in your browser's browser'sbrowser's toolbar. Click on the icon to open the AdBlock menu, and then select "Disable on this site." Alternatively, you can go to your browser's extensions settings and toggle off the AdBlock extension.

Can Removing Total AdBlock Affect My Browser'sBrowser's Performance?

You can do a few things if you notice a severe lag when you start your browser. First, avoid having many tabs open automatically whenever you launch your browser. If you do, after AdBlock download and install all those filter rules, it immediately begins applying them to your open tabs to block any unwanted pop-up ads they contain.

What Are The Steps To Remove Total AdBlock From Safari On A Mac?

Follow these steps to turn off AdBlock for Safari.

  1. Open the Safari browser.
  2. Click Safari in the menu bar and select Preferences.
  3. Switch to the Extensions tab.
  4. Uncheck the AdBlock Icon in the list of Extensions.