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Stands AdBlocker Transition to Manifest v3: What Users Need to Know

June 03, 2024

We have important updates about Stands AdBlocker to share. Recent browser extension policy changes and ad-blocking capabilities updates may impact your browsing experience, and we want to keep you informed. This article will explain the transition to Manifest v3, its effects on Stands AdBlocker, and the challenges we're encountering with ad blocking on YouTube. We'll also offer some interim solutions to help you maintain an ad-free experience while we work on improvements.

Manifest v3

What’s a manifest?

A manifest provides the browser with essential information about an extension, including its name, version number, required permissions, and compatible browser versions. Updates to the manifest file format dictate the features available to extensions.

Starting June 3rd, Google is transitioning from Manifest v2 to Manifest v3. All extensions using Manifest v2 will no longer be supported and will gradually be removed from the store. The Chromium blog states, "This change is intended to improve the security, privacy, and performance of extensions." Manifest v3 introduces significant changes, including limitations on certain API functions previously used for content blocking. Without this transition, our extension will soon stop working entirely on Chrome.

Since most of our users are on Chrome, we have taken all necessary steps to transition to Manifest v3. This version is now available in the store and has been updated for many of our current users. Our development team has worked diligently to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the high standards of ad blocking that our users expect.


However, we have encountered a different issue during the manifest update. The quality of ad blocking on YouTube has deteriorated, leading to numerous complaints from our users. This issue is also observed with AdBlock Plus users and is related to YouTube's measures against ad blockers. As reported by The Independent, "YouTube has been experimenting with methods to prevent ad blockers from working, which has affected several popular ad-blocking extensions." This has resulted in a less effective ad-blocking experience for users watching videos on YouTube.

We are working on a new update, which will be released soon, to improve the ad-blocking quality on YouTube. Our team is exploring alternative methods and refining our algorithms to handle YouTube's ad delivery systems better.

What can you do in the meantime?

  1. Use our extension in Firefox: There are no issues with YouTube in Firefox at present. Our Firefox extension blocks ads effectively, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience.
  2. Whitelist YouTube: While we work on the update, adding YouTube to your whitelist will allow you to continue using the service without interruptions. Rest assured, we will continue to block ads on all other websites on the internet.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. We are committed to providing you with the best ad-blocking experience possible and appreciate your patience as we navigate these changes.