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DNS unlocker removal instructions

DNS Unlocker Removal Instructions: How to Stop Adware Ads Once and For All

April 21, 2016

Has your browsing slowed to a crawl? Got random popups and ads showing up everywhere? - Here's how to stop and remove those pesky annoyances.

You might have a case of DNS Unlocker Virus in your Chrome browser, especially if you see the infamous "Ads by DNS Unlocker" tag next to the annoying advertisements, or some variation of that:

  • Brought to you by DNS Unlocker
  • Powered by DNS Unlocker
  • You’ve received a premium offer from DNS Unlocker

DNS Unlocker malware, aka DNSUnlocker, is very annoying and hard to remove because it digs into the system and has many ways to prevent it's removal.

Unfortunately, many of the DNS Unlocker removal tools and guides out there will actually have you download additional malware or paid software, and will eventually fail to resolve the problem.

So what's the best way to remove DNS Unlocker ads? We suggest an effective free tool that doesn't require complicated setup and that will remove the ads and popups, speed up your browser, and make your time on the web more productive?

Fair Adblock is the #1 ad blocker in the Chrome Store and is designed specifically to stop & remove malware ads by DNS Unlocker Virus and similar nasty adware. It has over 1,000,000 downloads, thousands of 5-star reviews, and it's completely free and easy to use - try it out now:


What is DNS Unlocker

This is a kind of malware, sometimes called adware or virus, that injects ads and popups into your browser, hijack your clicks, redirect pages, and collect browsing data. Here are some of the common complaints we've heard from users about this threat:

  • "I get stupid pop ups opening every other tab I open"
  • "My laptop is so slow I wanted to through it out the window"
  • "I had auto playing video ads with sounds injected into every other page"
  • "I keep getting pages redirect to suspicious downloads sites"
  • "New tabs are opening up saying I might have a virus and have to call them asap"
  • "I think it hijacked my new tab page"
  • "Random words are highlighted in blue, turned into links, and direct at ads"

All of the above and many more annoyances are the way the malware/virus operator make money. Once they get into your computer they activate all those types of ads and popups to make as much money as possible before you figure out how to get rid of the DNS Unlocker virus.

How Did I Get DNS Unlocker On My Chrome Browser

Like many unwanted software of this type, DNS Unlocker is not something you install willingly. To trick you into installing it the virus will disguise itself in one of the following ways:

  • It will bundle itself with other, more helpful, software. For example, when you install a pdf reader there will be a few more screens in the installer that will install unwanted software, sometimes malware or adware or virus. The bad guys take advantage of the fact most people just keep clicking "next" and that's how the virus gets installed.
  • It will trick you into installing it with false claims. For example, when a streaming site tells you that "a plugin is missing to play the video" it usually means that if you actually download the "plugin" the site suggests you might get hit with the DNS Unlocker adware.
  • It will trick you into thinking something is wrong with your computer, and to solve that made up problem it will suggest a free "tool". Often this is done via a popup advertisement. If you download the "tool" you might get hit with the DNS Unlocker malware.

Why is DNS Unlocker is so hard to remove

As mentioned above, the operators behind DNS Unlocker make money from injecting ads etc. as long as they can stay on your computer. This means they have lots of motivation to evade being detected, to protect themselves from removal, and even to have back-up systems to re-install themselves if you are able to remove them - which is why many complain that DNS Unlocker keeps coming back.

DNS Unlocker Evasive Tactics

To prevent it's detection the DNS Unlocker virus will not be easily shown in your extensions or installed software menus. Additionally, it might use slightly different names, such as DNSUnlocker.
Since regulation forces the malware operator to disclose the ads it injects, you will often be able to know your computer is infected with this virus because the ads will say one of the following:

  • by DNSUnlocker
  • Brought to you by DNS Unlocker
  • Powered by DNS Unlocker
  • You’ve received a premium offer from DNS Unlocker

DNS Unlocker Removal Protection

To prevent DNS Unlocker Removal Tools, Anti-virus Software, and Malware-detectors from detecting and removing it, DNS Unlocker virus will use a variety of tactics to persevere and stay in your computer's system. These are the main reasons why you cannot remove DNS Unlocker:

  • It might alter registry and other deep-system configurations so that if it is removed it can immediately get installed back.
  • It will keep changing the names and composition of the files its working with, so that it is harder to be detected.
  • Specifically, it might change your DNS settings so that it can performed what is called "A DNS Man In The Middle Attack", essentially hijacking all the web requests generated by your computer to make it easier on it to inject ads into your browser.

Why Fair Adblock is the perfect solution

We've built Fair Adblock specifically to combat malware and viruses like DNS Unlocker. While other guides will make you go through a long list of steps, require some technical expertise, and ask that you download, use, and sometime pay for, additional software, we wanted to give a much faster & easier solution.

Fair Adblock will efficiently eliminate the annoyances caused by DNS Unlocker. We reverse engineer how it works, and block all of the malware's advertisements, popups, redirects, in-text ads, etc. It doesn't matter what evasive tactics the virus will try - we will stop it because our algorithms learn the way the malware operates within your browser and kills it off before it can do any damage.

You can try Fair Adblock to see for yourself how it stops all the ads by DNS Unlocker, and if you're not happy - you can easily uninstall it.

For more info, head over to our website at https://standsapp.org, or read some of the reviews users gave us on the Chrome Store.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at info@standsapp.org.